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Goldfish are best with goldfish, but you can have weather (dojo) loaches, or bristlenose plecos, or even apple or mystery snails.

While there may be a number of varied opinions on this, and some fish keepers may have had lucky success with other typically incompatible fish in their tank, this is not the standard or proper recommendation.
There are quite a few species of coldwater fish that can live alongside Goldfish. There are Golden Orfe, Blue Dace, Rudd and several species of catfish too. Check with your local pet shop what coldwater species they have available on their lists.

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Q: What other fish can live with goldfish?
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What fish can live with black moor goldfish?

Other cold water fish such as orandas and goldfish.

Do goldfish live longer when they have other fish with them?

Your goldfish will not live "longer" no matter how many or how few you have.

Do goldfish kill other goldfish?

Not normally unless they are dying, goldfish are community fish and usually live fine with other.

Does a goldfish live in a group?

A goldfish will often live in groups with other goldfish. However, a goldfish is also great at being a solitary animal who doesn't need other fish around them to survive.

Can a small goldfish live with a 55 gallon community fish tank with other fish?

That depends on what the other fish are, and what type of gold fish it is.

What other fish could live with goldfish?

Well, you gotta chose fish that live in the same conditions as the goldfish such as Koi. You could also do some researching and find out too.

What fish can be put in a tank together with goldfish?

other goldfish

Which kind of fishes live with goldfish?

Other cold water tolerant fish.

What kind of fish can live in a tank with goldfish?

A Loach can be with goldfish.

Do goldfish and jellyfish live in saltwater?

No, goldfish are freshwater fish.

Can goldfish live in tropical tanks?

Yes they can but if you have other fish in there that are smaller the gold fish might eat it.

Can goldfish live with other tropical fish?

Goldfish should not live with tropical fish; their needs are different.Goldfish are best when kept with their own kind with the exception of weather loaches, or bristlenose plecostomus.

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