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Q: What other game cartridges can you play on the Nintendo DS lite?
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Can you play gamecube games on Nintendo ds lite?

No, You can only play GBA & Nintendo DS game 'cartridges' on Nintendo DS Lite.

Can GBA game cartridges be played using Nintendo DS lite?


What is the best Nintendo DS carrying case?

Nintendo offers a "Nintendo Ds Lite 5 in 1 Combo Nintendo Lite Ds Case" for your Nintendo DS. The case can hold the Nintendo DS console, and has a compartment inside that you can put NDS cartridges, GBA SP cartridges, and stylus etc.

Can you play Nintendo DS Lite games on a Nintendo DS?

There is no such thing as a 'DS lite' game. If it's a Nintendo DS game, it works on any model.

Can the Nintendo ds play Nintendo ds lite games?

There is no such thing as a game made specifically for the DS lite. So there are no 'DS lite' games.

How can you tell if a game is for Nintendo DS lite or for a Nintendo DS?

Nintendo DS and DS Lite are exactly the same except with a few different features on the actual console. A DS game will work on Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi as they are all the same platform.

Can you put a Game-Boy game into the Nintendo lite?


Can you trade the Nintendo DS Lite for the Nintendo DSi?

If you mean simply trading one system for the other, then no, you cannot. The Nintendo DSi is worth about $150 while the DS Lite is worth about $110. You can, however, trade in the Nintendo DS Lite and cash for the Nintendo DSi. If you choose that method, you will need about $40 or so more to cover the cost. You can also choose to trade in your Nintendo DS Lite plus a game or two for the Nintendo DSi.

How much will you get if you trade-in a ds lite at game?

well i tried it the other day and they said they would give me 75 dollars for a Nintendo DS lite

Can Nintendo DS Lite game also compatible in 3D?

Yes, some DS Lite games will be compatible with the Nintendo 3 DS.

Can the Nintendo 3DS connect with a DS lite?

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS can connect with the NDS lite, only if the game is compatible for both devices.

Do any other chargers work with the Nintendo ds lite?

no. you can only use authentic Nintendo DS lite charger

Can you buy a Nintendo ds lite game in UK and use in Australian Nintendo ds lite console?

YesI have tried it with Nintendo Dogs and it worksM.Kyte

Nintendo DS lite what are the features?

The Nintendo DS Lite has a brighter screen the the original Nintendo DS and it's slimmer as well other than that there are no huge differences

Does a DS lite play Game Boy Advanced games?

Yes, the DS Lite has a Slot-2, which is made for GBA cartridges.

What was the first Nintendo DS lite game?

"Nintendo DS Lite"s do not have their own games. DS Lites play Regular DS games. The first DS game was known as Electroplankton

What is a good game for ds lite?

All DS lite games are the same as the regular Nintendo DS.

Will a DSi game work on the DS lite?

Yes, the Nintendo DS lite can play DSi games

Who is the creator of the Nintendo DS lite?

The creator of Nintendo DS Lite is the company Nintendo.

How do you play wizards of Waverly place spellbound?

Get the game on Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL.

Can you play Nintendo DS lite games on Nintendo DS?

Yeah you can you can play the nds or the nds lite and you can even play the game boy advanced ones to

If you buy a Nintendo ds lite game in the China will they play on a Nintendo ds lite console bought in the US?

Yes u can! I'm really sure of that

Can a Nintendo DS lite charger work on a Game Boy Advance SP?

No, the dark grey Nintendo DS lite charger is different than the black original Nintendo DS & Game Boy Advanced SP charger.

What games can you play on an Nintendo ds light?

You can play any normal Nintendo DS games on a DS Lite but they do not make separate games for the DS Lite. The DS Lite can also play any Game Boy Advance (not colour or original) game but the game protrudes from the DS Lite which makes it look slightly stupid.

How do you get wifi for Nintendo DS lite?

DS Lite does has WI-FI, to connect you need a WI-FI Game to connect, by going to Nintendo WI-FI Settings