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Harold Godwinson was also King Harold II of England

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Q: What other names was Harold godwinson known by?
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What succsess did William get for winning the Battle of Hastings?

Defeated Harold Godwinson which made him king. people were scared not to dissagree with him because he had one a battle and killed Harold Godwinson. And other things.

What was Harold's from the Battle of Hastings surname?

The Viking Harold was Hadraada, the other (the English one who who got the arrow in his eye) was Godwinson.

What weapons did Harold Godwinson use at Hastings?

Harold Godwinson fought for the English against The Norman candidate William. People think he used arrows and bows, sowrds, shieds and most o the other weapons - NOT GUNS - they had not been invented

Who was the viking that was killed by an arrow?

In the Bayeux tapestry, the "viking" is none other than Harold Godwinson, the king at that time.

What was the battle of hasting for?

The battle of Hastings was between Harold Godwinson and William of Normandy. Edward the confessor (the late king of England at that time) was dying, but he had no heir, and so the crown was passed to Harold Godwinson. However, the other candidates were not happy, as they obviously wanted to be king themselves. So one of them, Harold Hadraada, a Norweigen Viking, brougth on war with Harold Godwinson. However, King Harold Godwinson won, but he had another army coming for him ; William of Normandy, another candidate for king. So they went to war, the Battle of Hastings and William of Normandy won, so he would have became King. True story

What other problems did Harold godwinson have in 1066?

he wasnt married because his wife killed herself because she didnt like him

Is Harold godwinson a good king?

Harold Godwinson was as good as any other king in the 11th century. He was a powerful and rich landowner and popular with most of the richer people in England. Land, money, power and the ability to keep other people on your side make a good king because they bring stability and peace to the population.

Why was the Battle of Stamford Bridge fought?

This was a battle between King Harold II of England and King Harald III of Norway for the English crown. the English won and Harald was killed. A few weeks later Harold himself was killed at the battle of Hastings and William, Duke of Normandy, became King of England. The contenders for the throne were, Edgar 'The Atheling' , Harold Hadrada, William Duke of Normandy and Harold Godwinson. The new king was needed because the past king (Edward the Confessor) had died. The wittan chose Harold Godwinson to be the new king of England. Edgar 'The Atheling' just gave up because he was only about 14 when this happened. But the other contenders wanted a fight. The fight of Stamford Bridge Involved Harold Godwinson (the new King of England) and Harold Hadrada (one of the other contenders).

What was battle of Hastings about?

Well after Edward the confessor died there were 3 people who thought that they should be king as he did not have any children to reign. Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardraada and William of Normandy (becomes William the Conqueror). Harold Godwinson crowned himself about 3 days after Edward the Confessor died. Then the 2 other men fought. First Harald Hardraada and Harold Godwinson (he won this battle) and it was called the Battle of Standford Bridge. Then Harold Godwinson and William of Normandy and William won. That battle was called the battle of Hastings as it was down south in Hastings. Then when William won he crowned himself on Christmas day! He then became William the Conqueror! Hope this helped! Sorry if I got some things wrong because I'm only 10! :) :)

What did Harold Godwinson's army look like?

* He was really weak after the fierce battle from William Duke of Normandy and he had to go into battle again to defend his title.He was so weak he lost the battle agains Harald Hardrada. Harold Godwinson was weak as he had a 300 mile trek after fighting Harald Hardrada, along with many other things, so he lost to William Duke of Normandy.

Who battled in the battle of stamford bridge?

There were two armies fighting in the battle of stamford bridge ,one of which were the vikings led by king Harold Godwinson and the other army was led by Harald Hardrada .

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