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I did several searches and found that people have reached a consensus: there is no shoes that are comparable to the Nike Free Run 3.0. I am sorry that I could not help.

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Q: What other running shoes are comparable to the Nike Free Run 3.0?
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Should you get jumping stilts or free running shoes?

free running shoes

If I like Nike Free shoes, what other shoes might I like?

Maybe you'll like other lightweight, flexible running shoes, such as the Adidas Ultraboost or New Balance Fresh Foam series. Find the right running shoes for you at [babareplica].

What is the difference between Nike Free shoes and Nike Free Run shoes?

The difference between nike running shoes and those in their other lines lies in the inner construction. The running shoes are constructed with a interlace running bed to provide more support to the ankle and arch. Sides have vents to give some fabric breathability.

Where can i find niki free 4.0 running shoes?

The nike free 4.0 running shoes can be found at foot locker. They carry those shoes in all sizes. They are great running shoes for all ages and fitness levels.

Where can I get some cheap running shoes? has over 43,000 results for the search "running shoes." When you click on a shoe you can read the reviews of other runners who have previously purchased them. Shipping for most of the shoes is free when they are over $25.

Where can I find Nike free 3.0 v2 running shoes? have Nike free 3.0 v2 running shoes, according to their website. You might want to search at or Wal-Mart, if they will be carrying this type of running shoes.

What is a good type of Nike running shoe?

If you are looking for nike shoes, then the nike free run running shoes are a good place to start. Those shoes are very flashy and gets the job done. No need to look at other brands.

Where can one buy free running shoes?

Free running shoes can be found at most sports stores or shoe stores, such as Nike, Payless Shoes, Footlocker, or online at stores like Amazon or Ebay.

Where can I find Nike free 3.0 women running shoe?

You can buy Nike free women's running shoes at You can also find these shoes at,, and

Where can I get free Nike women's running shoes?

It is unlikely to find a pair of women's Nike running shoes for free unless you win it in a contest or someone gives you a pair for free. The only other way to obtain it for free is to inquire at different charity groups, such as churches, and see if there are any clothing exchange events where you might be able to find a pair for free.

Where can I find the Adidas free running shoes?

The best place to find the Adidas free running shoes is but if you want to find it at a cheaper price, i would suggest you visit and

What are the best shoes for free running?

nike shock or go to