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the skeletal and muscular systems

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Q: What other system must work with muscles and how do the two systems work together?
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Do the other systems of the body help muscles contribute to maintaining posture?

endocrine system

What other body systems interact with the muscle system?

All the systems of the body work together; there are no isolated systems.

Give examples of how muscles work together with other body systems?

Humans have motor neurons that connect the nervous system to the muscular system. These neurons synapse with muscles and release a neurotransmitter that causes that specific muscle to contract. ChaCha! Want to know? ChaCha and go!

What other systems work with the skeletal system?

The muscular sustem works with the skeletal system by creating movement. They create movement by relaxing and contracting the muscles. The muscles are attached to bones by muscles called ligaments.

Muscles and bones together enable the body to?

The bones adequately support the muscles, and the muscles move the skeletal system. They coincide with each other in order to work. one system could not work without the other.

How does the muscular system works with other body systems in your body?

Your muscles are attached to bones and other muscles via tendons and ligaments to enable movement throughout the body.

What systems work together to move your body?

The muscular system is made up of tissues that work with the skeletal system to control movement of the body. Some muscles-like the ones in your arms and legs-are voluntary, meaning that you decide when to move them. Other muscles, like the ones in your stomach, heart, intestines and other organs, are involuntary.

What other systems does the digestive system work with to sustain life?

Like all the systems, the digestive system works with the skeletal system. The skeletal system provides support and structure. The muscular system, as the esophagus uses muscles in peristalsis.

What other body systems to muscles help?

they help a lot of other body systems like: The digestive system(sphincter muscle in stomach and anus) The circulatory system(cardiac muscle) The skeletal system(in movement of bones) And if we see it's because of the eye which has ciliary muscles which help sharpen the focus of the lenses. Anonymous

How does the eyeball interact with other systems?

The eyeball interacts with the brain and nervous system. It also interacts with muscles to close the eyelid.

How the various systems in the human body are interconnected and why it is important for health workers to understand the connections and the positioning of bodily systems in relation to each other?

Our body systems work together in several ways. for example if a person is exercising their somatic nervous system will tell the skeletal muscles to start working. the working muscles will demand energy . the energy will be produced by ATP in the cells. the cardiovascular system will have delivered oxygen and glucose to the cells where ATP is produced.

What other body system works with the skin?

Every body system works with all the other body systems in order to keep the body functioning. For instance, the muscular system makes the bones move and the skeletal system carries the muscles around. The muscular and skeletal systems wouldn't last long without the respiratory and circulatory systems. Each system needs the other systems in order to survive.

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