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Only Liverpool FC and Liverpool FC reserves play at Anfield.

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Q: What other team apart from Liverpool plays at annfield?
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What football team plays at Annfield?

Liverpool (how did you not know that 0

Who plays number12 for Liverpool?

Currently Daniel Pacheco is Liverpool's number 12

What Liverpool players have played for Finland?

The Liverpool player who plays for Findland is HYPIA

Who plays shirt no 11 for Liverpool football club?

As of August 2011, number twenty is Jay Spearing.

Were does Jamie carragher live?

As he plays for Liverpool, he must be staying at Liverpool so he can practice for the club.

What influenced steven Gerrard?

Liverpool. he idoilised Liverpool when he was young he wanted to play 4 Liverpool now he plays 4 the club he support the club he a big Liverpool fan. so Liverpool influenced him

Does iniesta play for Liverpool?

absoloutely not! He plays for Barcelona.

Why is Torres famous?

He is a footballer who plays for Liverpool and Spain.

Does nicklas bentner play for Liverpool?

No he plays for Arsenal.

Is joe cole a arsenal player?

no he plays for liverpool

What team does harry kule play for?

he plays for Liverpool

Who plays number 4 for Liverpool?

Currently, Alberto Aquilani.