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On Moshi Monsters, you can use any two other plants to get Roxy the moshling as long as you have the Radiant Roxy Rose.

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There is no moshling or other character named Timbo on Moshi Monsters.

There is no Carly moshling in Moshi Monsters. Also, there is no other character found on Moshi Monsters that is called Carly.

No, you can not send moshlings to other members on Moshi Monsters.

It does not matter which order you plant the seeds in to catch Roxy. Plant the Radiant Roxy Rose seed with any two other seeds in any order in your Moshling Garden on Moshi Monsters.

There are many members who have Wooly on Moshi Monsters. You can visit other member's Moshling Zoo to see which moshlings they have.

There is no moshling or other game character on Moshi Monsters that is named Sweet-Pea.

To catch the Moshling Dustbin Beaver on Moshi Monsters, you need a Trashy Tulip and any two other seeds/flowers.

No, you can not sell a Moshling on Moshi Monsters. When you first get a Moshling, you can choose to keep it or set it free. If you are a paid Moshi Member, it will stay in your Moshling Zoo if you keep it. If you are a free Basic Member, you can only have two moshlings, so if you keep it, you will have to set one of the other ones free.

When you purchase the Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo game for Nintendo DS, you will also get a code. Enter the code at Moshi Monsters and you will get a Robo Dendron seed. Plant that seed with two other seeds and you will get Nipper the Titchy TrundleBot.

lady goo goo you get on the 1st mission Roxy you get if you plant the Roxy rose and 2 other plants

The only noise moshling is Cherry Bomb. There are no other noises moshlings.

It is practically impossible for anyone to have every moshling on Moshi Monsters. The only member to have Raffy is the person who won their own moshling in a design competition. Other moshlings could only be obtained in a specific way, such as by purchasing a Moshi Monsters magazine subscription or by attending an event and their codes have expired.

You only need one Frozen Forget Me Not seed for Leo the moshling on Moshi Monsters. Plant the Frozen Forget Me Not seed with any two other seeds in your Moshling Garden.

U have to go to yukea and click on the dude there. he will give u a seed then plant it with 2 other plants.

Plant the Hip Hop Hibiscus seed in your Moshling Garden with any 2 other seeds. Wait for the flowers to grow then you will get Blingo the Flashy Fox moshling on Moshi Monsters.

be a member and a super moshi anp complete mission 6 and all the other missions before

On moshi monsters, you have to do a super moshi mission! Only for members like I am! By the end of the year, if you are a member, all the noises will be in your moshling zoo! Glad To Help You! Add me on moshi monsters, I am lucy123123321 I am on level 13 with 26 moshlings!

There are 2 Nintendo DS Moshi Monsters games. One is called Moshling Zoo and the other is called Moshlings Theme Park.

At this time, 2 secret Moshlings have been discovered.

To catch Pip the Savvy Sapling on Moshi Monsters you have to purchase the "My Moshi Home" play set for the code to get the Nutty Flip seed. Plant the Nutty Flip seed with any two other seeds to attract Pip to your Moshling Garden.

The code in the Moshi Monsters Moshling Theme Park ds game will get you the Pocus Pod seed. Plant the Pocus Pod seed with any two other seeds in your Moshling Garden and you will attract Furnando the Mystic Moggie.

Watch the Daily Growl and the Moshi Monsters Magazine for information about entering the Design a Moshling Contest. Generally, you create a drawing of your moshling, scan it to your computer, and email it, along with other information, to a specific email address at Moshi Monsters. There were contests in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

No, you cannot buy Moshlings in the Moshi Monster game. However, you can buy Moshling Soft Toys, Moshling Backpack Buddies, and Moshling Collectible Figures from the Moshi Monsters Online Store and other places such as ToysRUs and Tesco. (see Related Links)

Once you have entered the code for a moshling when you sign in to Moshi Monsters, go to your Moshling Garden. Click to open your seed bag and the seed needed for that moshing will be in the bag. Plant that seed with any two other seeds and wait for them to grow into flowers. Once the flowers are grown, the Moshling will be attracted to your Moshling Garden and you will be asked if you want to "Keep It" or "Set It Free".

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