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Skullcandy GI or skullcrushers are great if a little flimsy, bass and clarity being better in the GI, the hesh aren't that great for quality just loudness, or save a little and buy aviatiors as they will be on offer.

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Q: What over the ear headphones compare to the Sony MDR-XB500 that are around the same price and bass sound quality?
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What wireless headphones are the best value without lacking quality?

You can buy some headphone cheap for about thirty-four dollars. Other ones you may buy will cost around forty to sixty dollars. Most of the headphones you will buy wont lack of quality.

How do the Turtle Beach x12 headphones compare to other headphones?

The Turtle Beach X12 are one of the best headphones around, especially for those who love to be immersed in the gaming experience. Going in to the Christmas season, you can probably find a great deal, too. If you are looking for the best headphones for DJ'ing, however, I'd go with the Dre Beats.

Is a wireless headset better in quality?

Wireless headphones used to be inferior in terms of sound quality but have improved in recent years. However, there are still some differences around fidelity and if you are the sort of listener that demands perfect, you may find that conventional wired headphones are better for your needs.

How much do headphones cost on airplanes?

this depends on the carrier. bur mostly around 2/3euros . important to note is that these are usually the lowest quality

What are some brands of around the ear headphones?

Around the ear headphones are usually called over the ear headphones. Some of the major brands producing these headphones are Sennheiser, Bose, and Sony.

Are monster beats by dre good headphones?

Beats headphones offer a lot (if not the most) on most bass, but are not as good for mid range sound. They are unbalanced, focusing heavily on bass and design rather than an all around headphones that deliver even, balanced sound. There good for listeners who listen to a lot a rap, hip hop, etc. (any music that involves a lot of "beats", which is why they named there headphones that and is what they focus on.)They are overpriced headphones since they dont deliver the kind of sound quality you would normaly find in 200-300 dollar headphones ( you can check reveiws on amazon) . If you want a cheap, compairable good quality headphones, take a look at(on amazon) Sony MDRZX300/BLK Outdoor Headphones

What are the best quality headphones?

Klipsch Image S4 earphones are one of the top rated earphone available. With a cost of around $70, they provide sound quality that is as good as some of the more expensive earphones on the market.

What are some of the most expensive Philips headphones?

Philips are a well-known quality audio company who manufacture a wide range of audio equipment including headphones of many types. The Philips SHB9100/00 are some of the most expensive at around $160.

What is the difference between ipod earphones and Dre Beats?

The difference between iPod headphones or earphones and Dre Beats has to do with style and how the headphones are worn. Typically, iPod headphones are "earbuds" and fit directly in the ear. Dre Beats are worn around or over the ear and have better sound quality. Additionally, Dre Beats tend to resemble retro headphones of past decades. They also block out other sounds.

Good earbuds that stay in your ear?

there are many types. For example, the Sony ear buds are great for listening and do stay in your ear but their quality offense crappy. My recommendation for all around quality would be skull Candy's or ipod headphones

What makes Sennheiser HD201 headphones special?

The Sennheiser HD 201 headphones are a durable, lightweight (a little over 5 pounds), over-the-ear, hypoallergenic, headphone that has excellent sound quality. These headdphones usually come with a cord around 9 feet long and are very affordable for the musician or music lover.

Did people in the 80's wear headphones around their neck?

Yes, people in the 80's frequently wore headphones around their neck. Headphones were a common way to listen to music, and wearing them around your neck was an easy way to carry them when you weren't listening to music.