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Q: What oxides react with neither hydrochloric acid nor aqueous sodium hydroxide?
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Oxides will react with hydrochloric acid but not with aqueous sodium hydroxide?

co --carbon monoxide

What are neutral oxides?

Neutral Oxides are non-metal oxides which do not react with acids or bases. All neutral oxides are monoxides (e.g. Carbon monoxide) Neutral Oxides are those oxides which on contact with water produce neither nor base. Their aqueous solution have no action on blue or red litmus .Examples are nitric oxide (NO) and nitrous oxide (N2O)

How does oxides of carbon nitrogen sulphur react with sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide?

They form carbonates, nitrates, sulfites.

What is a soluble basic oxide?

metal oxides are known as basic oxides only non metalic base is ammonium hydroxide . group ii oxides are generally insoluble

What are oxides write the names of its four kinds?

Dioxide, Monoxide, hydroxide, deoxide

Which type of oxide is formed when metals combine with oxygen?

Metal oxides form alkalis when they dissolve in water. Non-metal oxides for acids. For example: carbon dioxide + water --> carbonic acid magnesium oxide + water --> magnesium hydroxide

What is the difference between hydroxide and oxide proerties?

When oxides reacts with water, it will form hydroxides.

How do you prove metal oxide is basic?

when ash of magnesium is dissolved in water then magnesium hydroxide is formed. MgO + H2O---->Mg{oh}2 hence, the solution is basic in nature.The oxides of metals are basic in nature.Therefore,their aqueous solution turns red litmus blue.

What happen when the copper II hydroxide and sodium nitrate heated but did not stir?

Copper(II) hydroxide and sodium nitrate are thermally decomposed to oxides by heating.

How can you separate aluminium hydroxide and iron oxide?

If the iron oxide is Fe3O4 you can use a magnet.This is possible because magnetite has strong magnetic properties.For the separation from other iron oxides aluminium hydroxide can be dissolved in alkalis; iron oxides are not soluble in alkalis.

Is the process in which oxides and other impurities are removed from metal surface by dipping the metals in hydrochloric acid?


Why are aluminium and zinc oxides called amphoteric oxides?

These oxides are called amphoteric because they can dissolve in acidic solutions to form metal cations in the solutions but can also dissolve in strongly alkaline aqueous solution to form oxyanions of the metals: aluminate or zincate.