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copy paper fly the farthest.

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Q: What paper airplanes fly far?
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Does the shape of paper airplanes affect how far they fly?


How are paper airplanes affected by type of paper?

if the paper is thicker it is a bit heavier and will not fly quite as far

Why does a paper plane fly?

paper airplanes fly because of lift.

What makes paper airplanes fly?

Lift makes paper airplanes fly, just as it does real planes.magic

Does heavier paper fly farther than lighter paper airplanes?


What causes paper airplanes to fly?

The air causes paper airplanes to fly. Since it has a flat area when it's being thrown, it catches air which keeps it soaring in the air.

Does a paper plane made out of copy paper fly further than a plane made out of construction paper?

construction paper airplanes fly further

Do bigger paper airplanes fly farther than smaller paper airplanes?

yes because of its weight the weight brings it down

Do paper airplanes fly or glide?

They fly and glide,It flies up and glides down

What kind paper airplanes fly faster?

card stock

What helps paper airplanes fly better?

beacuse... beacuse...

Does paper airplanes fly farther with smaller wingspans?


What kind of designs help paper airplanes fly?

chocolate rain

Why do some paper airplanes fly higher?

aerodynamicy in all directions

What percentage Americans know how to make paper airplanes that fly?


How far can giant paper airplanes go?

very far up not down

Does notebook paper fly good?

Yes, new notebook paper makes paper airplanes that fly very nicely. The new papers are so clean that when we fold them into planes with sharp edges, they fly awesomely!

Does the design of paper airplanes affect the distance they will fly?


Can paper airplanes fly?

As sure as cheese can mold. Cheese is a form of mold.....

What are paper airplanes made from?

Paper airplanes are made from paper.

How do paper planes fly?

Paper airplanes fly because of the velocity and air pressure on either sides of the wings. Air is also pushed to the bottom upward to the plane.

Why do cats not fly airplanes?

Because cats do not have the capability to fly airplanes.

Why does a person fly in airplanes?

Because people are not able to fly without a airplanes.

Can you fly airplanes on Grand Theft Auto IV?

You are unable to fly airplanes, however you can fly helicopters.

What paper makes paper airplanes fly better newspaper or printer paper?

Printer paper is generally more favorable because it tends to be more rigid and retains the folds better.