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Harriet Tubman didn't really have a role in the Civil War, because before the war had even begun she had been sneaking enslaved persons across the North/South border into the freed land on America.

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No, Harriet Tubman did not fight in the Civil War. Nonetheless, that does not mean she didn't play an important role in the outcome of the war. Throughout the war, she worked as a Union cook, nurse, armed scout and spy.

Or Harriet Tubman Helped the African Americans get freed

Harriet Tubman was a major contributor to the Underground Railroad. She helped to fre 3000+ slaves to the North.

Harriet Tubman played in the abolitionist movement was pulished other anti-slavery writings and delivered speeches throughout the North

She was a big part of the underground railroad helping slaves find their way to safe houses.

She was part of the underground railroad, which was a organization that helped hundreds of slaves get to the north/ Canada.

Harriet Tubman played a major role in the freedom for many slave's. The underground railroad was a secret route leading to safe houses that helped the slaves seek freedom.

She lead people on the underground railroad to escape slavery

she secretly took them from hous to house and to the underground railroad

She led the slaves out of slavery and she made History by using the underground railroad.

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After she gained her freedom she went back and escorted 300 people on the Underground Railroad out of slavery.

It was a part of the Confederacy.

They tell us she wrote a book that became very influential across the nation - Uncle Tom's Cabin. This book helped open people's eyes to what was going on.

that it was a major role for her cause she had to free the slaves and i guess she died she played a major role because she was risking her life and freedom to save others ALL IN THE NAME OF CHEESE!!!!

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