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the nurse goes to Romeo and asks him f he loves Juliet and if he does to go meet Juliet at the church so they can get marred

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Can nurse be trusted not to tell Juliets parents?

The nurse never told the Capulets anything about Juliet's marriage to Romeo. There is a certain amount of self-interest in this; the nurse was Juliet's duenna, and part of her job was keeping strange men out of Juliet's bed. The Capulets would not be very happy with her if they found that she had actually conspired to get Juliet hooked up with a guy. She would be fired or worse.

What news does Balthazar bring Romeo How does Romeo react?

Balthasar brings Romeo the news of Juliets death (dispite the fact its part of frir larance's plan to let Juliet escape to her romero) and Romeo responds with total unconventional heartbreak and diseides to take his life by her side.

Who teases th nurse and causes her to become crass in Romeo and Juliet?

Mostly Mercutio, Benvolio, and their friends, however Romeo played a slight part.

Could the nurse tell Juliet's parents about romeo?

Well, yes she could. But she didn't. It is interesting to think about why that was, especially if you are the actress who is playing the nurse. A feeling of protectiveness toward Juliet might be part of it. At the start, the nurse got caught up in Juliet's excitement and sexual anticipation. The nurse is a rather earthy-minded person. Later, having arranged for Juliet to lose her virginity, the nurse would be reluctant to disclose her part in the affair to Juliet's parents.

How is Juliets belief that her new husband is dead an example of dramatic irony?

At the beginning of Act III Scene 2 the Nurse announces "He's dead, he's dead, he's dead." but since she does not have a clear reference for her pronoun, Juliet mistakenly thinks the Nurse was talking about Romeo. This is not an example of dramatic irony, since there is no incongruity in the actions Juliet takes because of her mistake. Believing Romeo to be dead, she weeps and wails, whereas when she finds out the truth she weeps and wails. Her mistake does not make her act in a way which is incongruous with reality, an essential part of dramatic irony.

Is it correct to say To who will go the part of Romeo?

"To whom will go the part of Romeo?" is better grammar.

What Italian sports car has a two-part name whose last part is Romeo?

The Italian sports car whose two-part name has Romeo as the last part is Alfa Romeo.

What causes romeo and juliets anger to end in act 1?

Romeo and Juliet are not angry in Act 1. They do not have an emotional commitment to the feud between their families. While the Montagues and Capulets are having a street brawl, where is Romeo? Off in the sycamore grove, mooning over Rosaline, who is a Capulet. Romeo does not get angry with the illiterate servant with the guestlist even if he is a Capulet and tells Romeo that Montagues are not invited. For Juliet's part, she shows no anger either. Describing the Montagues as her "only hate" is really only a matter of form. They will not show anger until Act III after they are married.

What was Romeo's surname in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo is part of the Montague family.

Which Hollywood film has the same part in it as Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet (1935), Romeo & Juliet (1968) and Romeo+Juliet (1996).

What is the nurse to saying to romeo in lines 157-163 scene 4 act 2?

The difficulty in answering this question is that there are different publication with different numbers. However, that part of the story goes down something like this: the Nurse is sent to deliver a message, but instead decides to test Romeo's honesty. When she arrives she is greeted by a few rude jokes from Mercutio and Romeo. After getting Romeo alone, she inquires him about his love for Juliet. He protests and she happily interprets the gesture as a proposal. The two make wedding plans, then go their separate ways. Romeo also provides a rendezvous for the nurse to collect a few objects.

In the Romeo Juliet what part of the play do you likemost and why?

My favorite part is when Juliet is standing on her balcony and Romeo is in the bushes below. Juliet (not knowing romeo can hear her) is talking about how she wishes he were there and that they could be together.

How is he acting what does he do all day romeo and Juliet?

A good question which you may well be asking about any character in the play except Juliet, the Nurse, Juliet's mother and Romeo's mother. Be more specific and we can talk about what Peter or the Friar or Romeo or Tybalt does all day. This is an important question for anyone who wants to play the part of Peter or the Friar or Romeo or Tybalt.

What would be the most challenging part of the day for a nurse?

Monitoring an unstable patient is the most challenging part of the day for a nurse.

What do you like about Romeo and Juliet?

What I like about Romeo and Juliet is the part where they bite their thumbs. That's what you get for asking me.

What actor played Juliets prince?

Well, in the version that was probably around the 1990's or above, the actor who has acted the part of Romeo was Leonardo Di Caprio or Leo Di Caprio, who also starred in the best-selling epic box-office movie of the year 'Titanic' with Kate Winslet. His image turns out to be younger and more handsome as fans and other communities call him in the Romeo and Juliet movie.

What part of the play is where Juliett sends a letter to Romeo when he is exiled?

The part of the play that never happens. Friar Lawrence sends a letter to Romeo but Juliet does not.

What does benvolio learn from romeo about his mood of sadness?

Romeo is moping because he is playing the part of the unrequited lover. Rosaline is playing the part of the unrequiting mistress.

What does romeo instruct the nurse to do?

It depends what part of the play you are talking about. In Act 2 Scene 4 he tells her to tell Juliet to come to confession in the afternoon, and to wait for Balthazar to bring her the rope ladder which he will use to get into her bedroom. But in Act 3 Scene 3 he tells the Nurse to ask Juliet to expect him that night.

What is the most interesting part of the story Romeo and Juliet?

When Romeo sacrifice his life when he know that Juliet is dead.

Who plans on begging The Prince to pardon Romeo?

Friar Lawrence. It's part of the long-term plan he unfolds to Romeo after Romeo is banished.

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