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the appliance, or tool, or whatever it is that uses the power.

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Q: What part of a circuit converts electrical energy into other forms of energy?
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An alkaline battery converts what forms of energy into electrical energy?


What is a device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy?

a generator

Can electrical energy be converted to other forms?

Yes.-- A toaster converts electrical energy to heat.-- A battery on its charger converts electrical energy to chemical energy.-- A fan or any electric motor converts electrical energy to mechanical energy.-- A light bulb converts electrical energy to electromagnetic energy in two main portions of the spectrum ...heat and light.-- Ear buds, bull horns, and loudspeakers convert electrical energy to sound energy.

The circuit element whose purpose is to convert electrical energy into another form of energy is the?

the part of an electric circuit converts electricity into other forms of energy is called a load.

What elements in a curcuit can change eletrcical energy into other forms of energy?

Resistance converts electrical energy into other forms of energy, such as light, heat sound, motion, and magnetic effects.

How does a toaster convert electrical energy into other forms?

A toaster just converts it into heat.

How are a solar cell and a generator alike?

They're alike in that they both convert other forms of energy into electrical energy. A solar cell converts radiant energy from the sun into electrical current. A generator converts mechanical energy -- which may come from a wide variety of sources -- into electricity.

What part of the circuit consumes the electrical energy by converting it into other forms of energy?

The generic name of that part is the LOAD.

What forms of energy does a vibrating speaker use?

a speaker converts electrical energy into mechanical energy also called kinetic energy some energy is also lost in the form of thermal energy.

What is the load in a torch?

The load in a torch is tehb thin tungsten wire in the bottom of the torch. It converts electrical energy into light energy.

What is the name of the property of a material that slows down current and converts electrical energy into other forms of energy?

Resistance. And it doesn't "slow down current", it reduces the current.

Which forms of potential energy are inside a battery circuit?

The form of potential energy inside of a battery is electrical energy travel inside the circuit. It takes cells inside the battery don't recharge, the cells are dead.