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Q: What part of a motte and bailey castle do people live and work?
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Who lives on the motte in a motte and bailey castle?

Normally lords would live there and all the important people

How many people live in a motte and bailey castle?

I dont no look somewhere else

Who used to live and work in motte and bailey castle?

Nobody really permamently lived in a Motte and Bailey Castle as they were portable, as it was very easy to build. Some Motte and Bailey's were inhabited by farmers.

How long have motte and bailey been around?

Motte and bailey castles have been around for millions of years for example if you live near a road that has castle at the end that road was probably a motte and bailey castle

Who would live in a motte and bailey castle?

we are just figuring it out

Where in a motte and bailey castle would a knight live?


Who would live in the bailey of a motte and bailey castle?

all the soldiers and men who helped to defend the castle would live in the bailey as well as the king/queen.

Where did the baron live in a motte and bailey castle?

In the keep on the 2nd floor

What was the purpose of a motte and bailey castle?

the purpose was that the Norman solders could live there in 1066 and fight and also the motte and bailey castle were given to the Norman troops that had arrived there

What would it be like to live in a Motte and bailey castle?

Well, the hjarsh living condirncudjuejejjce

Why was the motte and bailey castles called motte and bailey castles?

motte and bailey castles is called 'motte and bailey castles' because the motte is another word for the hill on which is the keep and the bailey is where all the people live in an area encircled by wooden posts which joins up to the hill

How often do people live in a Motte and Bailey Castle?

not very often now but in the middle ages barons did along with his soldiers, servants, jokers, cooks etc.

What did a motte and bailey look like?

Part of the Motte and Bailey was built on a hill! This is where the Lord and his Wife would stay and so would the rich people! Then on low ground there was another part of the Motte and Bailey which was built for Peasants to live in.

What does bailey mean as motte and bailey?

in historical times it means the bailey was a fenced village where people could live close to the was offen surrounded by a huge moat.

Who lived in stone keep castle?

Well in the keep, the lord/king and his family would live there. In the bailey, there would be places for servants and cooks to live. There woud also be many soldiers (that worked for the lord/king) living there. Also there would be blacksmiths, stable hands and other things. At stone keep bailey was very similar to a motte & bailey castle bailey. :)

Did William I live in the motte and bailey castles?

yes he did however it was mainly used for defenses from ocean :)

Why are stone keep castles built?

To replace Motte and bailey castles. Motte and Bailey castles were wood castles built on a man made mound of earth (motte) with a section around the motte for the staff to live in (the bailey). Motte and bailey castles were only temporary and they were quick to build. They weren't very good in defence because they could burn - they were made of wood. Stone keep castles took months, maybe even years, to build but they were untouchable compared to the motte and baileys. Also, because they were made of stone, they lasted a long time. Most of the stone keep castles that are standing today were built in the medieval period.

What were weaknesses of motte and bailey castles?

They are very flammable since they are made of wood. They aren't very protected. Not many houses to live in.

Why were motte and bailey castles made?

When William of Normandy invaded England in 1066 he needed places for his soldiers to stay. He needed places to live quickly and he needed them all over the England. He wanted to make sure that nobody would attack and try and get rid of him. He decided to build lots of Motte and Bailey castles all over the country. This type of castle was built a lot in Normandy, so he knew how they were built.

Where did medieval people who lived in a castle live?

In a castle.

What is a medievel castle?

a medivel castle is a castle that medivel people live in

What does bailly mean in a castle?

It means a place in the castle grounds where people can live.

Where does Jason Motte live?


What kind of homes do people in North Korea live in?

They live inside if Danielle Bailey

How many people can live in a stone keep castle at one time?

many people can live in a castle at once,but the most important people, were the Lord, the lady and the Bishop