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From the leaves of the plant.

Most of the spinach plant can be used but most people pick and eat just the leaves.

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Q: What part of a plant does spinach come from?
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What part of the plant does spinach come from?

Spinach consists of the dark green leaves of the plant Spinacia oleracea.Interestingly, the plant's red berries are poisonous to humans.

What is the male part of the spinach plant?

Spinach plant's male part is stamen in the flower. Spinach has bisexual flowers.

Which part of plant is spinach?

spinach is a plant, but we eat the leaves mainly

Which plant part is spinach?


Is broccoli a vegetable?

Since we eat the flowering part of the broccoli plant, it is a fruit. When we eat the reproductive part of a plant, we are eating fruit. Vegetables come from the vegetative part of a plant such as lettuce, carrots, potatoes, spinach, etc.YES

Is spinach a seed?

Spinach grows from seeds. The part of the plant you eat is the leaves. When the plant flowers the flowers produce seeds to plant and start new plants.

What part of a plant is spinach?

I think you are asking which part do we eat? I believe that would be the leaf.

Is spinach a plant cell?

Spinach is a plant with many cells.

Is spinach a short day plant?

Spinach is a long day plant

Is spinach plant a herb?

no, spinach is a vegetable.

Is spinach a herb plant?

no, spinach is a vegetable.

What plant family does spinach belong to?

The spinach family

Does spinach have chloroplasts?

Spinach is a plant. So they do have chloroplasts

What is spinach in the plant kingdom?

Spinach belongs to the vascular plant phylum, and the amaranth family of flowering plants.

Is spinach a tree shrb or herb?

Spinach is an edible flowering plant.

What part of the plant does coriander come from?

It is a SEEDof the plant.

Where did cannabis the plant come come from?

it comes from one part plant to another

Which part of a plant does an apple come from?

An ovary is the part of the plant an apple comes from.

Is spinach a plant of the Brassica family?


Is spinach a vascular plant?


What does spinach grow on?

Spinach is a leaf vegetable (a flowering plant) and grows on the ground.

What part of plant does banna come from?

Banana is the fruit of a plant

What part of the plant does beet come from?

A beet is a root plant.

What part of plant does ginger come from?

the ginger plant an i like it

What part of a plant does rhubarb come from?

Rhubarb is a whole plant