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Which part of a plant does an apple come from?


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An ovary is the part of the plant an apple comes from.

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Apple trees flower in the spring and the apples come from the flowers in the fall.

Apple sauce is made from apples, the fruit of the apple tree

They come from an apple tree not a plant.

An apple is the testicle of the tree!

None, an apple grows on a tree...

The apple is the fruit of a tree. Botanically speaking an apple is the hypantheum of the apple flower.

well it doesn't come from a plant it comes from a tree.

Yes, they grow on apple trees.

it comes from one part plant to another

An apple on a tree is part of the organism which is the tree. The fruit of a plant is actually its swollen ovaries.

It is the flower buds of the plant.

the ginger plant an i like it

the strawberry is a fruit of the plant

Banana is the fruit of a plant

It is a plant in it's own right, not part of anything else.

an apple blossom is a part of the apple tree. there for it is (just like the name says) an apple blossom. the blossom will then turn into an apple once it is pollonated by a bee.

The fruit of an apple tree. Apple sauce is a puree of stewed apples usually sweetened and spiced.

Rhubarb is the whole plant. You eat the stalks of the plant.

Oregano is the leaves of the herb plant.

I believe that cabbage is the flower of the plant.

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