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Strong emotions or attitudes are usually shown using adjectives.

For example,

The girl is passionate about her studies.

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Q: What part of a speech is used to show strong emotions or attitudes?
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What part of speech expresses strong feeling?

Interjections are parts of speech that express strong feelings or emotions. Examples include words like "wow," "ouch," and "oh." They are used to convey a speaker's reaction or response to a situation.

What part of speech is stealthily?

Stealthily is an adverb. The ending "-ly" gives a strong indication of its part of speech.

What part speech is strong?

It's an adverb.

What part of speech is eek!?

"eek!" is an interjection, which is a part of speech used to convey emotion or sentiment, often showing surprise, excitement, or fear.

What is the part of speech that shows stong emotion?

Interjections show strong emotion. Stop! Wow! Hey! are all interjections.

What part of speech is used to express many kinds of emotions?

your voice, yelling and sometimes trying to be rational

What part of speech is strong?

The word strong is an adjective. It means being able to produce a great force.

What part of speech is tough?

The word tough is an adjective. It means to be strong.

What part of speech is the word strongest?

Strongest is an adjective. It's the superlative form of strong.

What part of the brain controls jealousy?

The prefrontal lobe is associated with strong emotions. It is reasonable to assume that it is involved in jealousy, although such complex emotions probably involve several other areas of the brain as well.

What is the concluding part of a speech?

The concluding part of a speech typically includes a summary of key points, a call to action or a final thought that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. It is important to end the speech on a strong note to ensure that your message resonates with the listeners.

What part of speech is completely in the sentence As a twelve year old Gibson was big strong and completely fearless?