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The start

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Q: What part of a stream is closest to the source?
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Where is oxygen content in a river or stream likely to be the highest?

The oxygen content of a river or stream is likely to be highest at the source. The source of the river or stream is where it originates.

Where is groundwater closest to earth's surface?

in stream valleys

What is the the beginning of a stream or river?

The source

Starting point of a stream?

The source

What is the start of a stream called?


What is the source of a stream called?


What is the closest river to tauranga?

There are several streams that run quite close to Tauranga CBD. For example the Waimapu Stream and Kopurererua Stream. Strictly speaking though, the closest RIVER is Wairoa River.

What is the stream that warms part of Norway?

The Gulf stream

What is the closest ocean current to Rochester New York?

The "Gulf Stream".

What is the beginning of a stream or river called?


Where a stream beagins?

It beagins from a spring or source

What is it called where a river or stream begins?

The Source.

What point of origin of a stream of water?


What part of Texas is closest to Mexico?

The closest part would be the Rio Grande River.

Which O2 sensor is up stream on 2002 silverado?

The O2 sensors that are the closest to the engine will be the up stream ones. The ones that are further away from the engine are the down stream sensors.

What is it called when water flows down into a lake or stream?

It could be called runoff, feeder stream or source.

How far is Europe from Alaska?

how far is Alaska from Europe? The closest part of Alask to the closest part of Europe.

What part of California is closest to the ocean?

The western part of California is closest to the ocean. It borders the Pacific Ocean.

Part of tge earths atmosphere closest to its surface-?

Troposphere is the part of the earth's atmosphere that is closest to its surface.

How can you tell if the upstream or the downstream oxygen sensoron a 2000 Honda Civic ex?

The up stream is closest to engine and down stream is farest from engine

What is a head water?

A headwater is the place from which the water in the river or stream originates. It is also called the source of the river or stream

How could a stream change a mountain?

It erodes away the part of the mountain that the stream is on.

Place where a river or stream begins often in highlands?


Where is oxygen content in a river or stream likely to be highest?

the source

Does a stream discharge decreases between its source and mouth?