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The Legislative Branch, or Congress.

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Q: What part of government is the senate in?
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Can a senator be sued?

The Senate is a part of the Government, and the Government can be sued.

What branch of government are government are representatives part of?

Legislative. The Senate is part of the legislative branch as well.

What branch of government is the senate in?

We have a bicameral, meaning it has two branches. The Senate is one and the House of Representatives is the other. Therefore the Senate is part of the Legislative branch of government.

What is the part of the legislative branch of the US government?


Which of the following is not part of the Mexican makeup of government?


What are the House of Representatives and Senate part of?

They are part of Congress and the legislative branch of government.

Which level of government is the New York Senate part of?


The committee of foreign relations is part of which area of government?

the Senate

What part of the branch of government is the US Senate?

executive branch

Is the Senate part of the judicial brach of government?

Definitely not. It's part of the Legislative branch.

Which part of the American government gets its name from ancient rome?

The senate.

What part of government confirms presidential appointments to the supreme court?

The Senate