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We have a bicameral, meaning it has two branches. The Senate is one and the House of Representatives is the other. Therefore the Senate is part of the Legislative branch of government.

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Q: What branch of government is the senate in?
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What part of the branch of government is the US Senate?

executive branch

What group provided advice on the daily activities of government to the executive branch of the roman government?

Senate :]

Which branch of government contains senators?

The Legislative Branch of the US Government includes the Senate.

Who is in the legislative branch of your government?

Its a branch of government that changes the law.

Who runs the legislative branch of government?

The Senate

What government branch deals with a filibuster?


What branch of government are government are representatives part of?

Legislative. The Senate is part of the legislative branch as well.

What branch are the senate and house of Illinois?

They are the legislative branch of Illinois government.

Which branch of the government includes the senate and the house of represenatives?

Judicial Branch

Which branch of government is the house of representatives and senate?

Senators and Representatives are a part of the Legislative Branch of government.

What Branch of government does the house of representatives and the Senate comprise?

The House of Representatives and the Senate make up the Legislative Branch.

Which branch contains the house of representitives and the senate?

The House and Senate are the Legislative Branch of the US government (not the constitution)