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glucose is made in photosynthesis

oxygen is also made


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Glucose is one of the products of photosynthesis.

The glucose making part of photosynthesis, the Calvin cycle or "light-independent reactions," occurs in the stroma of the chloroplast.

Plants produce glucose and release oxygen during photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is an important part of the carbon cycle because of this.

Glucose does not produce photosynthesis, you have it backwards. Photosynthesis produces glucose.

Yes! Glucose is formed as part of photsynthesis along with oxygen. Carbon Dioxide+Water--- glucose+oxygen. ----

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actually not because glucose is one of the by products produced during photosynthesis and some part of it is stored form of starch and some part of starch is provided to different parts of the plant.

No, glucose is a product of photosynthesis - photosynthesis uses CO2, H2O, and energy from sunlight to create glucose.

Photosynthesis offers chemicals such as glucose which is part of electron doning and ATP synthesis as a product.

Glucose is important to photosynthesis because it is the product produced by photosynthesis. Plants then use this glucose for energy in order to carryout photosynthesis again.

The main product of photosynthesis is Glucose

yes glucose is produced in photosynthesis because it is a type of sugar and all plants produce glucose during photosynthesis.

CO2 is a requirement for photosynthesis as it becomes part of the glucose molecule C6H12O6 during the dark reaction.

isn't glucose a product of photosynthesis??!

Glucose is the type of sugar that is created from a plant's photosynthesis.

Glucose is the type of sugar that is created from a plant's photosynthesis.

Glucose is actually the product of photosynthesis. The plant uses the energy from the glucose to survive and perform the process of photosynthesis over and over again.

Photosynthesis is used to produce glucose. Then cellular respiration is used to turn the glucose into ATP.

The sugar produced during photosynthesis is glucose.

Photosynthesis uses sunlight as a source to package energy into glucose, and essentially all energy from the sunlight is factored into the monosaccharide, so in a sense glucose is part sunlight.

No, photosynthesis is the plant process that creates the glucose for the plants as food.

Glucose is produced in photosynthesis. This glucose is burnt in respiration.

light, photo means light. Photograph - light picture (roughly) photosynthesis is synthesis of energy (glucose) from light

No;Photosynthesis is the process that a plant cell with chloroplasts can go through to convert Oxygen, Water and sunlight into Glucose.

chlroplasts,chlorphll,photosynthesis and glucose

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