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ANY part ... up to and including the whole thing.

(For what it is worth, my stroke affected only the sensory strip associated with my left side, thus the stroke occurred on the right side and slightly posterior to the vertical mid-line of my brain.)

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When a person suffered a stroke and falls into a sleeplike coma and the damaged is somewhere in the brain stem which structure is most likely damaged?

Stroke damage is always somewhere in the brain. However, you cannot say that every person who has had a stroke and is in a coma has had the stroke in the same part of the brain. Strokes can affect just about any area of the brain.

How can a stroke cause body damage?

Strokes take place in the brain, and damage the brain. The body (other than the brain) is not damaged, however, it is the brain which controls all other parts of the body, so when the brain is damaged, the person who suffered the stroke may become unable to use some part of his or her body, even though that body part is not actually damaged.

Can the brain be damaged in a stroke?

Yes it will most certainly suffer some damage.

How do you recover after a stroke?

A stroke means that a part of the brain has been damaged or hurt and to repair this means having to make a new pathway in the brain in that area so it will work again. This is done through therapy with a medical professional like a speech therapist for people who have problems with language after a stroke. This takes time and effort on the part of the person who has had a stroke, but it effort it can improve life.

Which part of the brain is damaged by a hemorrhage?

A hemorrhage can occur in any part of the brain.

What part of the body A stroke occurs in?

the brain

You had a stroke can you take a memory test?

Yes you can. Memory is not always lost and even then not necessarily entirely lost. It depends on which part of the brain has been damaged and how badly it is damaged as to whether one has or has not got memory after a stroke. Some people may even loose memory for only a short time after a stroke then it comes back.

What is An interruption of the flow of any part of the brain?

An interruption of blood flow to any part of the brain is called a stroke. It can also be called ischemia, or an ischemic stroke.

What is functional plasticity?

It is the brains ability to shift functions from damaged areas of the brain to undamaged. For example: if the auditory part of your brain was damaged, another part of the brain may take on that task.

What happens when your blood pressure gets too high?

stroke....can kill you or leave brain damaged.

If someone had a stroke and could not use the right side of their body what part of the brain had the stroke?

The motor cortex on the left side of the brain

What part of brain is damaged when in a coma?

reticular formation

How is brain tissue destroyed by a stroke?

A blocked artery deprives part of the brain of oxygen.

What part of the brain is damaged when the right side of your body is paralyzed?

the left side of your brain

What part of the brain region is damaged during a hemmorhage?

A haemorrhage can happen anywhere in the brain!

What part of the brain is damaged if the left side of the body is weak?

right part

How long do you have to live after a stroke?

Depends on the size of the clot and the part of the brain it damaged. It also depends on the health of the patient before the stroke. Many factors come into play when you try to calculate how long someone will live after a stroke. A big factor is how fast medical help is received after the stroke has happened. The longer out from the stroke you are after you receive treatment, the poorer your prognosis is.

What part of the eye is damaged to need glasses?

Its not the eye its the Brain.

What part of the brain is damaged by too much soda?


What part of the brain gets damaged during concussion?

all of it

What is the ability of a healthy portion of the brain to take over the functions of a damaged portion of the brain?

The brain is plastic but usually not in the way that is described in the question. A damaged part of the brain remains damaged and healthy parts of the brain usually cannot completely take on the duties of the damaged part since it has its own duties to take care of. However when a body part is damaged (e.g. a person's eyes are blinded by external means), the part of the brain that is usually responsible for processing information from that body part can be repurposed to perform another, though still similar, action (e.g. the vision cortex of the blinded person will be repurposed to process hearing information).

After having a stroke does it effect your right side or left?

It can affect either side depending on which side of your brain was damaged.

What happen when a part of the brain does not get supply of oxygen and nutrients?

You are in danger of a stroke

What is a stroke?

A stroke is any disruption to blood flow around the brain. Technically, the blood/brain barrier does not allow blood to actually enter the brain. That can be one example of a stroke, if a blood vessel ruptures and causes blood to enter the brain. In normal operation, nutrients cross the blood/brain barrier to provide for the needs of the brain. If a blood clot stops blood circulation in an area of the brain, it's also considered a stroke. Typical body function during a bleeding event is to first stop the bleeding and then initiate repairs. All of that takes place without much thought on our part. The platelets form a shield around the cut other damaged area and stop the bleeding. When this happens inside the brain, part of the brain dies. When a blood clot forms inside the brain, nutrients are stopped and that too can destroy brain cells.

When a stroke affects your vision which part of the brain is involved?

The lobes in the back of the brain called the occipital lobes.