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Sore eyes affect the outer lining of the eyeball and the inner lining of the eyelid.

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Q: What part of the eye affected when you have sore eyes?
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What part affected by the cross eye?

the part affected cross eye is eyes

Which part of the body ould be affected by astigmatism?

the corner of the eye

What are some of the causes of eye ailments?

sore eyes, irritated eyes sore eyes, irritated eyes

Prevention of of sore eyes?

A sore eye is not transmitted through air or in direct contact in eyes of the person has it. So the better thing you must do is to wash your hands regularly or before touching your eyes.

Sore red eyes?

Sore red eyes occur when the vessels in the eyes become irritated or swollen. Some remedies include total rest, cool compresses over the eyes and over-the-counter eye drops.

Sore throat and red sore eyes?

If by 'pink eye' you mean red, watery eyes, then it sounds like an allergic reaction. Grass, trees, etc.

What part of the eye affected by cross eye?

eyeball or iris

What are Visine eye drops used for?

According to the Visine official website, the Visine help relieve sore or red eyes. They are allergy eye drops, otherwise known as eye allergy relief.

What is the causative agent of sore eyes?

Bacterial conjunctivitis causes sore eyes. The redness of the eyes goes together with swelling of the eyelid. Anesthetic eye drops can be used to relieve the pain.

Why are puppies eyes closed?

Puppies might get sore eyes because they have an eye infection. There may also be something in their eye from birth.

Which part of our eyes is responsible for the colour of the eyes?

The coloured part of the eye is the iris.

What is the affected eye part of sty?