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She was never an explorer. She was a sharoshooter, a trickshot and a showman.

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Annie Oakley had a rolling part in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show's

Annie Oakley worked in the Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.

Annie Oakley is best know for being the best female shooter in the wild west!! @(><)@ 0 its a monkey!!

Annie Oakley did have a job but it was on TV and the TV show was called, Buffalo Bills Wild West , she also worked at an infirmary

She was famous for shooting at a wild west show.

She was a sharpshooter from the wild west show.

You get the spud shooter after defeating Annie Oakley.

Annie Oakley accomplished being the sharp shooter in the wild west and shows because she could look into a mirror and have the gun over her shoulder and make a bulls eye.

Annie Oakley was named "Little Sure Shot" by chief sitting bull while performing in a Buffalo Bills Wild West show with her.

depicted the unkown 'west'. also, annie oakley.

People remembered her because she is an excellent shooter at the Wild West!!

when she joins Buffalo Bill's wild west show

She is remembered as a sharpshooter in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.

Fame came to her while working with Buffalo Bill's Wild West.

As a headliner in the Buffalo Bill's Wild West show for 17 years.

she did have a is a tv show called Buffalo Bill`s Wild West Show

She adopted her stage name when she joined Buffalo Bill's Willd West in 1885.

Anne Oakley did many great things like be the first woman sharpshooter and be the first woman sharpshooter in the Buffalo bills wild west show.

Annie, while living in new jersey, her neighbor was Thomas Edison. Edison helped annie out during nighttime performances with Buffalo Bill's Wild West.

She was famous for shooting at the Wild West show. Thats right, thats right, thats right.

She toured with Buffalo Bill for 17 years starting in 1885.

Annie Oakley was the first female superstar in America. She joined the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show in 1885. Her sharp shooting skills raised her from a life of poverty and she became one of America's most well known celebrities.

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