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What part of your body is impossible to lick?

I would guess your eyes, or your ears... but I might be wrong.

How do you really lick you elbow?

You can't. It is impossible to lick your elbow! Unless you have the hidden talent to do it! :)

Is it imposible to lick your elbo?

No, it is not impossible to lick your elbow. I am one of those special people and can lick there elbow. I am not sure how it is possible but I know that you can.

How do you lick your own eye?

you lick your finger and then out your finger on your eye otherwise it is pretty much impossible

Can a tiger lick its but?

i think that's technically impossible

Can a giraffe lick its own neck?

yes indigiedy a g raf can lick it neck, nostrales, and arm pit

Can you buy a dawn stone?

lick Owens arm pit

What do you do with ice cream cone?

You lick the dripping part and then you lick the scoop part, then you bite into and eat the waffle part

Can some one lick there elbow?

Yes, people can and it is not impossible.

How do you get past the Armageddon level of the impossible quiz?

Lick your cat.

What are the five thing that are impossible to do for a human body?

lick your elbow, lick behind your ears, big toe to touch little toe, lick your back and to ballance on your elbow

Is it impossible to lick you forehead?

It is uncommon to be able to and so far, unheard of.

What does it mean when dogs lick your arm and leg?

He wants attention or smells something there.

Can you lick a marker?

It is suggested that you do not lick any part of a marker. Although you technically can, it is not suggested. no,it can dye your tongue where the ink part is.

How do you lick your elbow without breaking your arm?

There are very few people in the world with the ability to lick their own elbow. Those who can are either double jointed or have arms that are disproportionate to their bodies. If you lack the ability to lick your own elbow now, then there is no way for you to gain that ability other than breaking your arm (which is not recommended).

How can you break your arm on purpose with no pain?


Is the arm part of the body?

Obviously, the arm is part of the body.

The bicep is located on the back part of the arm?

The bicep is the front part of your arm. The tricep is the muscle in the back part of the arm.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word physically?

"It is physically impossible to lick your elbow."

Is it possible to lick an elbow?

It is not impossible, but barley possible. If someone else does it that won't count.

What is the best part to lick of a girl?


Where is the triceps?

Under side of the arm below the bicept.triceps are your arm musclesIn the back of the arm; also is part of arm muscleon the back of your upper armsuperior-posterior part of the arm

Out of 100 people how many can lick their elbows?

I myself have never met anyone who can lick their elbow and its generally thought that it's impossible to lick your elbow. And so i conclude by saying that 0 (or maybe one) in 100 people can lick their elbow. I haveee and she told me nine perent an :0

What is the weakest part of your arm?

The wrist is the weakest part of the arm. The majority of the arm is very stable and strong, therefore bones do not frequently break in the other areas of the arm.

What part of speech is impossible?

Impossible is an adjective.