What particles are an asteroid made of?


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Meta, rock, and/or water

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An asteroid is more dense because asteroids are made of solid rock, rather than a comet is made dust and ice particles which can break apart easily.

the asteroid belt is made up of left over rocks from the formation of planets.

The strange discovery made about asteroid herculina is the gaseous part of its tail.

The asteroid belt is mostly made of rocky debris.

A comet is made of ice an asteroid is rock

An asteroid is made of rock and metal.

yes, you are made of particles.

The Rings of Saturn are not completely solid and can be made up of particles that can vary in size. So, in reality you could but you would be standing on an asteroid orbiting Saturn.

Asteroids are made up of rock and metal

an asteroid is a huge or a small irregular rock which orbits a star and is made up of metals

No. Asteroids are made of minerals.

an asteroid is made up of cold, ice, rocks, dust and other minerals/elements. the atmosphere in space is made up of dark matter (gravity, black holes, non luminous matter) and particles that are undefined. space is also luminious matter (stars, planets, dust, comets, white dwarfs and dark energy) i hope that helps.

Everything is made of subatomic particles.

Some sub-atomic particles are composite particles. These particles are made from other 'smaller' particles. Examples are the particles that can be found in an atom's nucleus: protons and neutrons. Both these particles consist of 3 quarks. Elementary particles are particles that, at least to present knowledge, are not made from other particles. They are thus the fundamental building blocks from which everything is made, they are not made of anything, they just are. Examples are the electron and the photon.

The atom is made up of several subatomic particles.The atom is made up of several subatomic particles.The atom is made up of several subatomic particles.The atom is made up of several subatomic particles.

As the name suggests - asteroids.

Iron and rocky asteroids.

The asterod belt is made up of rocks and gases.

SAturns rings are made of asteroid dust

asteroid is a belt mostly made of rocks, but planets have soil and it is like big ball.

Giuseppe Piazzi discovered the first asteroid in 1801. The most recent asteroid discovery was made by the Catalina Sky Survey on January 1, 2014.

atoms are made of subatomic particles.

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