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Q: What parts of Greek culture did Philip keep?
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How did homer keep greek culture alive under dorians?

Homer kept Greek culture alive by recording their history in epic poems and stories, such as the Iliad and Odyssey.

How did the homer keep Greek culture alive under the Dorian?

Through his poetry and ways of thinking

Why do you the Romans borrowed many ideas from Greek culture?

because they needed to keep good ideas to the city

Why Greek became a common language throughout Alexander's empire?

Alexander admired Greek culture and worked to spread Greek influence by founding cities in the lands he conquered. He encouraged Greek settlers to move to these new cities and as a result, Greek became a common language throughout Alexander's empire. Evan as he supported the spread of Greek culture, however, Alexander encouraged common people to keep their own customs and traditions. the new, blended culture that developed is called Hellenistic. It was not purely Greek, but it was heavily influenced by Greek ideas.

Why was Zeus needed as a god in the Greek culture?

Well, Greek mythology states that Zeus created all Greek Gods. So, I'd say that Zeus is needed in order to keep confusion from reaching the Greek/Roman human minds.

Why do you think the Romans borrowed many ideas from greek culture?

All cultures (or civilizations) borrow from other cultures. This can be done by various means such as, war, trade, intellectual contact. At the time of the Roman expansion, the Greek culture was predominant in the area. Sicily was Greek and southern Italy itself was heavily populated with Greek cities. It was inevitable that Greek ideas would merge with the Roman practicability.

How did maroon keep African culture alive?

how did the african keep their culture alive in the maroon communties

What are some similarities between Greek culture and American culture?

Greek culture affects the American culture today in many ways. First of all, some of the architectual designs used thousands of years ago are still useful, and comonly used in many important and famous American buildings today. Some examples would be the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House, which both use the Ancient Greecian columbs to keep the building standing strong.

How do triston da cunha keep there culture?

They keep there culture by not letting lots of people coming to there island

How did the mongol conquests contribute to the spread of culture and ideas throughout Asia and parts of Europe?

It didn't because the Mongols didn't diffuse cultures from the people that they conquered. Every place that the Mongols conquered they allowed them to keep their own culture

What should you do to keep your culture alive?

Do things that's native to your culture.

Do they have to keep it a secret that they're Greek gods?

In Greek mythology the Greek gods and goddesses do as they please. In other words, no, only if they want to keep such silence do they.