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we can see their head and tehir upper backs. when they are swimming we ca nsee their hindlegs.

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What parts of a swimming crocadile visible?

The eyes and nostrils stay above water. If it floats enough it's back is also visible, but it looks a lot like a floating log.

Parts of the world above the equator?

The northern hemisphere lies above the equator. In the Northern Hemisphere, objects moving across or above the surface of the Earth tend to turn to the right because of the coriolis effect.

What does it mean by the crown of the weld?

The crown of the weld is the material of the filler metal that projects above the surface of the parts being joined by the weld.

How do trees prepare for winter?

When winter comes, the woody parts of trees can survive the cold. The above ground parts, the leaves, will die off, but underground parts, the roots, will remain alive. In the winter, plants rest and live off stored food until spring.

What parts of the body remain the same from birth?

If you are referring to the size of various body parts, the answer is the EYES. They remain the same size from birth to death.Hope this helps.

Why do some parts of earth surface get more energy from the sun than other parts?

why do some parts of earth surface gets more energy from the sun than other parts

What is a concentration ozone?

Ozone is more concentrated between 20-30 kilometers above earth's surface. Its concentration is 2-6 parts per million.

Where is ozone more?

Ozone is more concentrated between 20-30 kilometers above earth's surface. Its concentration is 2-6 parts per million.

What is Elevation and relief?

Elevation is the height above sea level of a point on Earth's surface, Relief is the difference in elevation between the highest and lowest parts of an area.

How do oil spills kill marine life?

By degrading or destroying habitat, interfering with the functioning of vital body parts, and by reducing or destroying food sources oil spills kill marine life. Above-surface, surface and below-surface life forms all are affected.

Does the biosphere contain water?

The biosphere is a combination of all parts of a planet where life exists. These include all the lands, water and air that extend from about 8 kilometers above Earth's surface and 11 kilometers below the surface of the ocean.

Why are comets part of the solar system?

They are because they are parts of a planet or space material that stays or floats around in space

Is ozone concentrated in the atmosphere?

Yes, Ozone is more concentrated between 20-30 kilometers above earth's surface. Its concentration is 2-6 parts per million.

What are the parts of the moon surface?

Your mom!!:P

What are important parts of the Earth surface?


Which parts of the liturgy have never changed and will always remain the same?


What name is given to slipping or sliding surface of parts of the earths surface?

plate tectonic

Which marine wildlife is affected by oil spills?

The entire marine wildlife in the area tends to be affected by oil spills. That means above-surface, surface and below-surface life forms. For example, migratory birds such as northern gannets [Morus bassanus] may be affected by fumes and flames. They also may find their respiratory body parts partially or totally clogged and their ambulatory parts similarly debilitated or destroyed. They may not have access to surface food sources.

What is theSection of stratosphere 20 miles above the earth's surface called?

This is the ozone layer, which is spread out through parts of the stratosphere. It protects the surface from ultraviolet radiation, though some still passes through. Without it, life would not be able to exist as it does now.

What prevents the lakes of colder parts of the world from freezing solid from bottom up?

Ice is 9% less dense than water so it floats. When water freezes it floats to the top so the water (liquid) is always at the bottom.

Does the great barrier reef turtle live in deep parts of the ocean middle or surface?


What are the body parts visible on the dorsal surface of a frog?

Some of the body parts that are visible on the dorsal surface of a frog include the head, trunk and limbs. Other parts are the external nares, the tympanic membrane and the anus.

Is Siberia above the Arctic Circle?

Parts of it are.

Is Canada above the Arctic Circle?

The more populated parts of Canada are well below the Arctic Circle, but parts of Canada are above the Arctic Circle.

What two parts of the human body remain with a lot of cartilage in them?

ears and nose

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