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Q: What path does light take as it travels through a binocular?
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What items resemble the path of light when it travels through space?


What are the items that resemble the path of light when it travels through space?


What items that resemble the path of light when it travels through space?

It travels in a straight line but also it travels through empty space ! ๐Ÿ˜…

How would you describe the behavior of light as it travels from the container to the air or as it travels in different media?

Light always takes the shortest path possible through any medium. As such, when it travels through a vacuum, it travels in a straight line (no refraction). When it travels through the air, the molecules in the air scatter it very slightly, causing some diffusion and refraction, depending on the composition of the air through which it passes. When it travels through water, the shortest path through that medium is not a straight, collinear line from the point of is actually offset by a small angle (the angle of refraction). The bent path that light takes through water or another substance is actually the shortest path available to it through that medium.

Does light light travels in a zigzag direction?

When reflecting through objects like optic fibers path is zigzag.

What effect does gravity have on light?

Gravity has no direct effect on light. Gravity bends space. Light travels through space at what would be observed to be a straight line if you observe the path from either end. but if the space through which the light travels is bent, then from the side the light will appear to travel a bent path.

What are proporties of light?

light travels in a straight path

Can a path of light be bent?

It's a tricky question, and I am answering from the point of view of an interested layman, not a physicist. Light travels on a straight path through space. The interesting reality is that the space around gravitational fields bends.Light travels in a straight path through bent space. Also, light can be transmitted through optical fibers in communications systems, and the light follows the fiber through whatever bends are put into it.

What do you call the straight path that light travels?

a ray.

What is the path that light travels if it does not hit an object or travel through a new medium?

Straight. Gravity bends light. It can act like a lens

How light travels into your eyes?

The path that light travels into your eyes is very neat. The light goes into your eye and bounces off of the back of it.

A closed path through which electricity travels?


Can light bend around objects?

Yes, light travels through space. As that space is bent, so will be the path of the light traveling through the space. It is known by gravitational refraction and gravitational lensing.

What does light travel depend on?

The way light travels depends on what is in it's path.

What is called Light travels in straight line?

A geodesical path

Does light travels in straight line?

Yes because, Light travels in a straight path called a light ray.

When light travels through a pair of glasses is it refracted?

yes it is because the eye glass has a refracting effect that bends the path of light in to your eye at the right angle

A closed path through which current travels is called a?


What path does light take as it travels through the microscope?

For a compound microscope iss; light source, diaphragm, stage, (slide), objective lens, body, eyepiece, eye.

Do light travel in wave or in a straight path?

Light travels in straight paths because of its reflection

Could lightning travel through the air as long as there is moisture?

lightning does not require water vapour in the air. It travels at light speed (approx) through an ionized path.

What causes light rays to refract?

light travels in straight path and when speed of medium in which light travels change then it refract due to change in speed light rays bend and refract

Why A light wave travels in a straight path until it hits an object What can it do?

It can be absorbed or transmitted through an object it can bend sometimes it bounces back 😉

What makes a pole seem to bend when you put it in a glass of water?

The reason for the pole appearing bent when put inside a glass of water is refraction. When a ray of light travels through one medium to the other, it tends to bend or deviate from its original path. Thus a light ray in this case, travels from the air through water, and then again through air and reach the eyes. Thus, the light ray deviates from its original path causing this phenomenon.

Did the light travel in a straight path through the air before it reached the bowl of water?

Light always travels in a straight line. It's direction can be changed, by reflection or refraction, but it does not bend.