What penis size is big?

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About 6-7 inches is quite big but I dunno I'm a girl

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Q: What penis size is big?
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Why do you have a big penis?

Penis size is genetic.

What is the size is a big penis at?


What size is big for a boy penis?

8+ is big

How big should your penis be im 5 feet?

Your height has nothing to do with penis size. Your penis should be the size that it is.

What is fifonafe?

The saying is that men with big feet have a big penis. But, studies have shown that penis size is not linked to feet size.

Do mindless behavior boys have big penis?

The size of a penis is not determined by behavior but by DNA.small or big

How big is a midgets penis?

Penis size varies man to man, and it is proportional to his height.

How big is a sparrows penis?

the size of a pencil

Why is the horse's penis size so big?

The horse penis is the size that is is, because it's a big animal, and just imagine if a stallion tried to breed with a mare, and his penis was as big as your finger. It would be hard to thrust his penis in, and it may result in injury to his penis.

If your feet are a size ten how big would your penis be?

There is no correlation between shoe size and penis size... That is just a myth.

Can you tell how big a man's penis is by looking at their foot?

No, foot size and penis size are in no way related

How big do a guys penis get?

The average size for an erect penis is 6 inches

How big should your penis be if your 5'11?

Your height has absolutly nothing to do with your penis size.

How big is the maximum penis size?

The biggest penis could be nine inches.

How big should your penis be in high school if I'm a freshman?

penis size do not change with grade levels ok. any size is ok. there are no definite measurements of how big you penis should be.

How big is the average big whale penis?

the size if a school bus

Does it matter how big your penis is?

no its not about the size its about how u use it

How big does your penis need to be to get her pregnant?

any size

How big can a brown recluse spider get?

About the size of my penis

Does how tall you are affect how big your penis gets?

There is no correlation between height and penis size.

Can you have a big penis and a narrow urethra?

Penis size and urethra size are completely unrelated, so it is definitely possible to have a large penis with a narrow urethra.

What is david cook's penis size?

As big as his talent :) - And then some. Cook's talent is big, but his penis is the size of two pair of sweat socks, and sometimes mistook as such.

Is a 10 inch penis big?

Yes, that's very big. The average size of an erect penis is 6 inches.

How do you make your dick bigw can you make your penis big?

If you are asking how to increase the size of your penis, I'm afraid it's not possible. The size of your penis is determined by your genes.

If you have big hands big feet and in general just most everything on you is big does that mean you will most likely have a large penis?

Nope. The size of those other organs have no correlation to the size of your penis.