What percent of American households make over 400000 per year?

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The official report measuring affluence in the United States states that appox. 1% of individuals in the country make $100,000 a year before taxes. .05% make $250,000 or more and .01% make $400,000 or more before taxes.
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What does a glazer make per year?

According to my buddy, he is a Union Glazer installing metal and glass in buildings..he said he makes around $70,000USD per year.

How many greeting cards are purchased per household each year?

There are no exact figures for how many greeting cards arepurchased per household each year. The overall numbers have fallensignificantly as more and more people send electronic greetings,but it is estimated that a typical US household still buys anywherefrom 8 to 45 greeting cards every year.

What percent of people make over 80000 a year?

The percentage of people making over $80,000 depends on if theyhave a family or single household. Around 70% of family householdswith two incomes make over $80,000 a year.

What household item can make you vomit over a long period of time?

Vomiting over a long period of time is very dangerous to your body. Your body has to have electrolytes and cannot function without them. Vomiting a lot can deplete your body of electrolytes and cause heart failure, no matter what your age is. See the Related Link.. Also bear in mind that vomiting s ( Full Answer )

What jobs pay over 400000 dollars per year?

basically anything involving specialization in medical for example, neurosurgeon, cardiologist etc. Other fields can too, but medical fields are the most fool proof

How much is 400000 a year an hour?

To answer your exact question, if you take $400,000.00/year divided by 365 days/year (normal, non-leap year), you'd end up with $1,095.89/day.. Divide that figure by 24 hours in a day, and you'll arrive at $45.66.. However most people ask this kind of question in the context of annual salaries.. ( Full Answer )

How many people make over 50000 per year in the Unitied States?

Percentage of people that make less than 50,000:\nless than $50k\n70.95%\n. \nOnly around 11.2% make more than 75,000. \n. \nCheck out this link for complete information:\nhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_income_in_the_United_States

What percent of American households have computers?

According to a 2007 market report performed by Jupiter, roughly 78% of U.S. households have a computer or approximately 88M units.. According to a 2007 market report performed by Jupiter, roughly 78% of U.S. households have a computer or approximately 88M units.

What percentage of Americans earn over 150000 per year?

The percentage of American households earning over $150,000 changesannually. However, current information shows that 3.09 percent ofAmerican households earn between $150,000 to $154,999. Over 90percent of all households earn below $150,000.

How do you find the average percent of your budgeting on housing utilities and etc. if you make 200 000 per year?

If your gross income is $200,000 per year, and you pay 33% in taxes, etc., that would leave a net income of $134,000 per year, or roughly $11,170 per month. Add up the last twelve months of utilities, mortgage, insurance, etc., then divide by twelve, since there are twelve months in a year, and this ( Full Answer )

What percentage of small businesses make over 250000 per year?

Taxes on ANY business -- small or large -- are based upon NET profit from the business. I have done the books for several small businesses. Some of them GROSSED around $1 million per year however most of them netted less than $100k after business expenses. And one, a used car dealer, grossed arou ( Full Answer )

How many Americans make over 100k per year?

Not enough. Everyone else is struggling, while the rich prosper, the poor get poorer As many as would like to minus those that are too lazy or too influenced by negative teachers, parents, and media.

How do you make over 400000 yearly with a semi truck?

Contract truck drivers in Iraq with KBR, Horizon, etc. aren't even making nearly that much. Only way you're going to achieve those sorts of figures is by selling them on commission, and being an absolute ace at it.

Pga tour players are making over 1000000 per year?

Please see related link. In 2007 which is the last full money list available, 99 player earned $1,000,000 or more in the season from PGA Tour purse winnings alone, this does not include endorsements, sponsorships or appearance fees.

Earnest invests 200 in abank that guarantees 4 percent interest per year How much interest will he make in 6 years?

Interest compounded annually is calculated by the following formula: I = P x (1+r)^t - P where I is the amount of interest, P is the principal investment amount, r is the annual interest rate expressed as a decimal, and t (for time) is the number of years. If "- P" is removed from the right ha ( Full Answer )

What will happen to 17 percent of Americans this year?

Idon't know about 17 percent, But i do know that by 2013 89 percent of the population will be killed off. The government invented swine flu so they could kill off most of the population. They're doing this because there's "to much polution" ..and they also hate worrying about the money..If you get t ( Full Answer )

What is 3 percent of 400000?

You can find 10% of any number by simply moving the decimal point of a number one place to the left. You can find 1% of any number by simply moving the decimal point by moving it two places to the left. In your problem here, 10% of 400,000 would be 40,000.0 which means 1% would be 4,000. 4,000 ( Full Answer )

What do politicians make per year?

how much politician make per annum depends upon their rank, means they are of which level. Starting with the lowest level, a mukhia (village head) make atleast 2-5 lakh if his village is very small. If an mla is elected he makes a minimum of 50-80 lakh pet annum. Those politician who are working a ( Full Answer )

What is a 50 percent cut over 10 years equals per year?

If you get half of 1 million dollars over ten years, you get 500k. 500,000/10=50,000. So you get 50,000 a year and over ten years you get 500,000. Just divide the original number by 2, then divide that number by ten.

How much is one household consume energy per year?

Roughly the average household with two adults and two children would use up somewhere around 18,000kWatt hours per year, but it depends on how big the house is and the amount of electrical appliances you own.

Can a green card holder make multiple short trips to Asia totalling over 180 days per year?

Trips of the green card holder should be for a period of less than 180 days on each trip. Making such short multiple trips is okay provided you have a valid reason behind.Problem would crop up only when you are applying for US citizenship for which continuous residence is an important eligibility cr ( Full Answer )

How do I calculate 1 percent of 400000?

To calculate 1% of 400000: . Divide 1 by 100. . This equals 0.01 . Multiply 0.01 by 400000 . This equals 4000 . So: the answer is 4000 .

Why is the median income per household in America misleading to how well off Americans are as a whole?

There are extreme highs and extreme lows. The facts that there are a few people with extreme high incomes helps to balance out that there are many living below the poverty line for the median. The median also does not represent the cost of living. A family might be making $80,000 a year, but most of ( Full Answer )

What is the violence increase percent per year?

This question will get bogged down in a nightmare of definitions. Where are you asking about? Is the question about reported violent crime or all violent act - remember that most domestic violence goes unreported. Do you include officially sponsored violence - such as torture by government agencies? ( Full Answer )

In what year did 25 percent of US households have access to the World Wide Web?

In what year did 25 percent of US households haveaccess to the World Wide Web? In what year did25 percent of US households have access to the World Wide Web? . SAVE CANCEL. already exists. . Would you like to merge this question into it? . MERGE CANCEL. already exists as an alternate ofthi ( Full Answer )