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Q: What percent of high school students say they get along with their parents very well?
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What proportion of high school students say that they get along very well or extremely well with their parents?


How do students in Japan dress in school?

They where a uniform. in classic school uniforms...along with Pokemon and their hello-kitty backpacks

What president was expelled from school for tying up a teacher?

John Tyler, along with his fellow students tied their teacher up and locked him in a closet. They did this after their complaints of the teacher's harsh behavior went unanswered by their parents.

What is the show called on MTV where the people go to the high school and try to help the students get along better?

If you really knew me?

Is the number of students on the y- axis?

That depends on if the variable "number of students" is dependent on something else. For example, if the number of students is dependent on the time of year, then it is charted along the y-axis. If the number of students is independent, and the school's yearly expenses are dependent on the number of students, than the number of students should be tracked by the x-axis.

When can you drop out without your parents permission in Wisconsin?

When you finish school - go onto college and realize that they were right all along. Then, only then.

Was Malia Obama on a break in Mexico?

Yes, in March 2012, she was part of a school trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, along with nine other students, and their teachers.

What was little rock central high school like?

It was probably a typical high school in the segregated south-- whites only. Built in 1927, it was originally called Little Rock Senior High School. It was large-- in fact, it was known as one of the largest schools in the United States; and it probably sent a number of students to college. But then, in 1957, what was now known as Central High School got into the news when it received the order to desegregate-- a part of the Supreme Court's 1954 ruling (Brown vs. Board of Education) that made segregation illegal. Unfortunately, most of the white students in Arkansas (and in most southern states) had been taught to believe in segregation, and while there may have been a few who secretly supported integration, most went along with what their parents believed. When the students at Central heard that nine black students (called "Negroes" back then) were being bused to their high school, crowds of angry white adults gathered, along with some of the white students who did not want their school to be the focus of controversy. In the end, the National Guard was called in by President Eisenhower, to protect the black students and keep angry whites away from them. Some of the black students were spat upon, pushed, and threatened, just for wanting to go to school there. In the end, the black students did attend, but it was not a pleasant experience for them. And it probably was not very pleasant for the white students either-- the media scrutiny continued for months.

Can you become an emancipated minor because you do not get along with your parents?

Simply not getting along with your parents in not a valid for emancipation. Many teenagers don't get along with their parents--it's fairly normal.

How do you make your parents get alone with your boyfriend?

you can't make your parents get along with your boyfriend, they either get along or they don't

What is it called when there's a book filled of pictures of students from a school district?

It is called a yearbook or an annual. These books typically feature photographs of students and faculty members from a specific school or district, along with other content such as quotes, events, and memories from the school year.

Why shouldn't school start later in the day?

School starts early so that people can get can get a day start and kids can have food. They also start early so that parents can go to work and kids will not be along and so that school can let out early.