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1/3 of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives.

42 percent of college graduates never read another book after college.

80 percent of U.S. families did not buy or read a book last year.

70 percent of U.S. adults have not been in a bookstore in the last five years.

57 percent of new books are not read to completion.

70 percent of books published do not earn back their advance.

70 percent of the books published do not make a profit.

(Source: Jerold Jenkins,

53 percent read fiction, 43 percent read nonfiction. The favorite fiction category is mystery and suspence, at 19 percent.

55 percent of fiction is bought by women, 45 percent by men.

(Source: Publishers Weekly)

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Q: What percent of people read books in the US?
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What does this quote mean a man is known by the books he reads?

Although it is an overstatement to claim that we are the product of the books that we read, it is nonetheless true that we are strongly influenced by the books that we read (at least, those of us who read books are strongly influenced by them). Books have a lot to tell us, and we often form opinions on the basis of what we learn from books. People who read intelligent and sophisticated books are more likely to be intelligent and sophisticated people. People who read foolish books are often foolish people. Thus, you learn a lot about someone by knowing what kind of books they read.

How do books you read get to us?

The books get to us by leaving a paragraph on a cliff hanger which makes us want to read more.

What percentage in the US read books?

It's hard to say. The United States currently has a literacy rate of 99.0%. However, that does not mean that 99.0% of people in the United States read books. What this means is that about 99% of people in the United States can read books.

Why do people read books?

We read books either for entertainment, to learn, or to increase our vocabulary. Reading lets us hear what authors have to say. Well, most of the time.

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the books that we read

How many people read books in the US?

Many more people than one would expect read books in the US. You can go to cafes, schools, libraries, bus stops, trains, and airplanes and see people reading. More than a million books are sold each day. Reading from books are not dead yet. Some people prefer reading from books than from reading off computers. People can actually hold books, and they don't hurt your eyes like computers do. So to answer your question, quite a few read books. I'm sorry I can't give you an exact number, but I'm sure its in the millions.

What percentage of the people can read in the US?

The percentage of people in the US that can read is 99% .

How many people read for pleasure in US?

30 percent colege grades 15 percent hight school grades and 1 in every 10 house holdes

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I don't know but they basically read like books like the social studies book and all the books us Americans work out of now

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99 percent.

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