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According to Wikipedia (see Tropical Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa entries), Tropical African forest is 18 percent of the world total and covers over 3.6 million square kilometers of land in West, East and Central Africa. Since Sub-Saharan Africa encompasses about 24.3 million square kilometers of area, rainforest take up roughly 14.8 million square kilometers. This figure, however, decreases every year due to severe rainforest deforestation in the region.

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Q: What percent of sub-saharan Africa is tropical rainforest?
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What tropical rainforests are in Africa?

Congo Rainforest is a rainforest in Africa....

What is the name of the rainforest in Africa it is good or bad for Africa?

Tropical rainforest and it's good for Africa.

What is the second largest tropical rainforest?

The Congo is the world's second largest tropical rainforest located in Central Africa.

Where does parrot live in the world?

Tropical Rainforest (Africa)

Can you name me a rainforest?

There is the Daintree rainforest, The Amazon, The Minnamurra rainforest, West Africa rainforest, Central Africa,Southern Africa rainforest,South Asia rainforest,Southeast Asia rainforest, Pacific rainforest, Central America rainforest, Caribbean rainforest, South America, Cairns (tropical), Mackay (tropical), Strahan (temperate)there is a list of some of the areas were rain forests are and some rainforests too

Tropical rainforest make up what percent of Africas landmass?

The tropical rain forests in Africa are located in the western and central part of the continent. The rain forest is less than 5 percent of Africa's landmass.

Is there cheetah in the tropical rainforest?

No, cheetas do not live in the rainforest. They live in grasslands such as the savannas of Africa.

What is the sub saharan region called?

The Subsaharan region of Africa is called Subsaharan African.

Which is the richest region of Subsaharan Africa?

South Africa.

What major landscape feature covers much of central Africa?

Upper Central Africa- Tropical Savanna- Tropical RainforestMiddle Central Africa- Tropical Rainforest- Tropical SavannaLower Central Africa- Tropical Savanna- Small desert scrub in the westIn the related links below, I have also included a link to a brilliant slideshow, showing the landscapes of Africa.

What is the smallest country on the Sub-Saharan Africa?

The Seychelles is the smallest country of Subsaharan and all of Africa. Swaziland is the smallest country in Subsaharan Africa on the mainland.

Do lions live in the tropical rainforest?

No,lions live in Africa

Where is the tropical rainforest located on the earth?

south America and Africa

Where in the world is the tropical rainforest found?

its usually found in africa .........

Where do Uganda kobs live?

subsaharan africa

What is the deadliest disease in subsaharan Africa?


Were to find the tropical rainforest?

north America,Africa,south America

Where can a tropical rainforest be found?

Tropical Rain forests are found near the equator and the region of south Africa!

Which part of Africa is most poor?

Subsaharan Africa is the most poor.

What is the most populous region in Subsaharan Africa?


Were is a spider monkey habitat?

spider monkeys habitats are in tropical rainforest in africa

What major river system in the tropical rainforest region of Africa flows west into the Atlantic ocean?

The Congo river system in the tropical rainforest region of Africa flows west into the Atlantic Ocean. It is the deepest river in the world.

Is South Africa in subsaharan Africa?

Yes, South Africa is one of 48 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Where are the main forests and woodlands found in africa?

Forest and woodlands cover 21.8 percent of the African continent. The Congo basin has the worlds second largest section of tropical rainforest.

Name four biomes in Africa?

Tundra, Tropical, RainForest, Taiga, Aquatic, Grassland,