What percent of the US population currently serves in the military?

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Less than one percent
Around 2,266,883 are in the military to this day.
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How many Americans serve in the military currently?

Answer . According to the US Department of Defense Website (as on October 6, 2007) . . . ". . . over 1.3 million men and women on active duty, and 669,281 civilian personnel, we are the nation's largest employer. Another 1.1 million serve in the National Guard and Reserve forces. About 2 mill ( Full Answer )

Since 1945 what US Presidents have not served in the US military?

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had no military service. George W. Bush saw his only service in Texas Air National Guard. FDR , who died in 1945, did not serve in Uniform but he was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for 7 years. The others all had military service, most of them in World War I ( Full Answer )

What percent of Americans serve in the military?

The current size of the U.S. military, including reserve formations, is about 2.5 million members. As the current population of the U.S. is about 310 million, that means 0.8% are serving in the military in some form. In additon, there are almost 22 million former members of the military (i.e. veter ( Full Answer )

What is the population of the US military?

The population of the US military is divided up as following: army 495,000; navy 388,760; air force 390,000; marines 174,000 army 738,699 active/reserveIn 2008, the armed forces had 1.4 million personnel on active duty. The Reserves and National Guard brought the total number of troops t ( Full Answer )

Which US Presidents never served in the military?

13 American Presidents who never served in any sort of military unit. . John Adams . John Quincy Adams . Martin Van Buren . Millard Fillmore . Grover Cleveland . William Howard Taft . Woodrow Wilson . Warren G. Harding . Calvin Coolidge . Herbert Hoover (Served in a pri ( Full Answer )

Which us presidents did not serve in the military?

Barack Obama , Bill Clinton, FranklinRoosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, Warren Harding, WoodrowWilson, William Taft, Grover Cleveland, Martin Van Buren, John Q.Adams and John Adams saw no militaryservice of any kind. Several others served only in state militia or reserve units.

What is the current population of India and the US?

The current population of India is 1.29 billion people. The medianage in India is 25.3 years. The current population of the UnitedStates is 322 million people, and the life expectancy in the UnitedStates is 78.9 years.

How old can you be and still serve in the US military?

You can enlist at the age of 17 but to be able to serve you have to turn 18 when you graduate boot camp. or you can do the delayed entry program and start at 17 take the fall off and go back the next summer to complete your school.. but the youngest to serve is 18

What percentage of Americans currently serve in the Military?

For nearly two generations, it has not been required to serve inthe military, and as a result, fewer people have been serving.There is currently less than .5 percent of the population thatserves in the Military, compared with 12 percent during WWII.

How many current senators have served in the military?

According to the Senate website, in the current congress, there are 26 senators who served in the military. These include senators who served in Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

What is the percent of human population that currently have Cadasil?

No one really knows that right now, as CADASIL is often misdiagnosed or NOT diagnosed. It is genetic, so a genetic blood test will tell you if you have this serious degenerative condition. I attended the first-ever CADASIL conference in the USA in July in DeKalb, Illinois, put on by the ULF (United ( Full Answer )

If you are not us citizen can you serve military?

You can, however you must be here in the US legally and NOT be here on a work or student Visa, contact a local recruiter and they will check your citizenship documents to determine eligibility.

Which US presidents served as military soldiers for wars in the US?

Washington fought during the French and Indian War, and the Revolutionary War. William Henry Harrison and Andrew Jackson fought in the War of 1812. Taylor and Pierce were generals in the Mexican War. Jackson, William Henry Harrison and Lincoln served in Indian campaigns. Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Benj ( Full Answer )

Is there currently a military draft for the US?

my friend showed me a letter he got that had him sign up for an army draft and then a few days later my mom's friend's son got the same letter so i think there is a military draft going on now.

What are the military aircrafts currently in use?

There are thousands of different models but they are typically classified as: Fighter Attack Bomber Reconnaissance Passanger Trainer UAV There are variations to each. Currently, the most well-known are the F/A-18 Hornet, F-35 Lightning, Su-27 Flanker variants (like the Su-35), and ( Full Answer )

What percent of the US military is men?

You must name a time period. Prior to 1975 (the Vietnam era) the US military was 100% men and 100% military. During that time frame US military women in all branches were considered AUXILIARIES and belonged to the WACs, WAVES, and WAFs. Women were not considered part of the US fighting strength. ( Full Answer )

Can non citizens serve in the US military?

If they are permanent residents of the US whose abilities and/or talents are needed and cannot be filled by a US citizen, then they can join the army.

What percent of US Presidents served in the military?

I count 28 out of 43 which is 65 per cent. Some of the 28 such as Fillmore, Buchanan, Lincoln and "W" Bush saw very limited service either in a home guard or short term . I also included Andrew Johnson in the 28 because he was military governor of Tennessee and so held military rank and commande ( Full Answer )

What percentage of US population is serving on active duty in the military?

1% . Army. 548,000. 456,651. 88,093. 74,411. 243,172. Marine Corps [28] . 203,095. 182,147. 20,639. 12,290. Navy. 332,000. 276,276. 51,093. 51,029. 182,845. Air Force. 323,000. 261,193. 64,370. 64,137. 154,032. Coast Guard. 41,000. 32,647. 8,051. 4,965. 7,396. Total ( Full Answer )

What percent of US taxes goes to the military?

20% is directly attributed to the Department of Defense (DOD), but there are ancillary things to consider as well: 1) If congress spends 20% of its time debating military issues, should 20% of the expense of running congress be considered military spending? 2) The Coast Guard, often considered ( Full Answer )

What percent of the military has served in combat?

Actually seeing combat (actually exchanging bullets) today (21st century) for the US military (counting the US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, US Army) less than 01%. Explanation: 1. Post Vietnam warfare-Naval and Air Forces have had little actual combat; a few engagements her ( Full Answer )

Are veterans people who used to serve in the military?

Short answer: Yes, in American vernacular speech. A veteran is also someone who has done a particular job for a while. Many times police retirees are referred to as "Veterans of the police force" in the media, prob. because it sounds better. If someone is just referred to as "a veteran" and not ( Full Answer )

Did Jon Huntsman serve in the US military?

Assuming you're referring to Jon A. Huntsman, the MoH recipient, and not the Republican politician currently least likely to win the Republican 2012 presidential nomination, he enlisted into the Kansas National Guard in 1898. Regarding the aforementioned politician and his father both (Jon Huntsm ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to serve in the US Military if you were not born a US citizen?

If you are a legal resident, you can enlist in the military. However, you cannot be an officer and your choice of jobs will be limited because you will not be allowed to have a security clearance. The flip side is that, if you do enlist and are allowed in, your ability to become a naturalized citize ( Full Answer )

Why did Barack Obama not serve in the US Military?

Mr. Obama was too young to serve-- he was born in 1961 and by the time he was old enough, the Vietnam war had ended and there was no other war going on; the draft had also come to an end.

Did Romney or Obama serve in the US military?

No, neither did. Mr. Obama was too young to serve-- he was born in 1961 and by the time he was old enough, the Vietnam war had ended and there was no other war going on; the draft also came to an end. Mitt Romney could have served, since he was old enough and around during the Vietnam era, but he go ( Full Answer )

Do Mormons believe in and serve in the US Military?

Yes. They do. I was one of them. During my tour of service I met many Marines that were Mormons. They came from all over the United States and they were in all the ranks (from a Private to a General). They served in all branches of the Armed Forces. Many of my neighbors have served in the military a ( Full Answer )

What is the current figure for the US population?

The current United States population is around 315.7 million people. According to the United States Census Bureau, there is a birth every 8 seconds and a death every 12 seconds in the United States.