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well the percentage of sports player that play right footed are 87% so i would say its somewhere around there, i'm right handed but left footed lol

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About 12 percent are left footed About 87 percent are right footed About 1 percent are both footed

Wikipedia says that 81.0% is right footed meaning that 19.0% is left footed. But on the other hand Wikipedia hasn't exactly asked everyone in the world so this isn't very truthful but the majority of the human race is right footed, if you look at the football players most of them on the pitch besides the left backs choose there right foot as there dominant foot.

No, he is left footed.

Right footed, but he can score with the left very well also. He has or one of the hardest shot in the hole world.

Bobby Moore was right-footed.

Ronaldino is right footed

Theo Walcott is a left footed player , but can play right footed as well.

he is dominantly right-footed but can shoot with left.

No, she's right footed.

Right footed although he plays he left wing. He very good with left foot also.

Yes, Gael Clichy is naturally Right Footed Left Back.

Right he is right footed

He both footed but he is naturally right he can use his left if he has to

Lionel Messi is more of a left foot player.

Lionel messi is the best player in the world and in the following years to come he has the game to become the best the world has ever seen. He is definitely both footed coz some of his goals have been of the right foot.

Ronaldo is right footed.

The same way as from the right except take it left footed for outswing, right footed for in swing. Exactly opposite if from the right corner.

He is surely right-footed. He is not as good with his left foot, though he's not bad with it either. But, yes, he is RF.

No.He is right footed and footballer and even stated once that his left foot is quite weaker than his right one.

Mainly a right footed player but can use his left just aswell if not better

96% of people are right handed

andrei arshavin is right footed

Goofy footed is when you are right handed and your right foot goes on front of your board, or left handed with left foot onnfrontGoofy footed is a term used in skateboarding, snowboarding and in surfing. It is the opposite of regular stance. One prefers to lead with one's right foot in goofy foot. Your right foot stands in front of you.

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