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well the percentage of sports player that play right footed are 87% so i would say its somewhere around there, i'm right handed but left footed lol

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โˆ™ 2012-05-17 20:18:47
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Q: What percent of the world is right footed?
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What percent of soccer players are left footed?

About 12 percent are left footed About 87 percent are right footed About 1 percent are both footed

What Percent of the world left footed?

Wikipedia says that 81.0% is right footed meaning that 19.0% is left footed. But on the other hand Wikipedia hasn't exactly asked everyone in the world so this isn't very truthful but the majority of the human race is right footed, if you look at the football players most of them on the pitch besides the left backs choose there right foot as there dominant foot.

Is Neymar right footed or left footed?

Right Footed

Is john terry right footed?

No, he is left footed.

Is sergio aguero left footed or right footed?

right footed

Is Ibrahimovic left or right footed?

Right footed, but he can score with the left very well also. He has or one of the hardest shot in the hole world.

Was Bobby Moore right or left-footed?

Bobby Moore was right-footed.

Is ronaldino right or left footed?

Ronaldino is right footed

Is Maradona left footed or right footed?

Maradona was left footed.

Was Pele a left footed or right footed in soccer?

right foot

Is aaron ramsey left or right footed?

yes,he is right footed

Is messi right footed?

No he is left footed

Is neymar left footed?

No he is right footed

Is Theo Walcott left or right footed?

Theo Walcott is a left footed player , but can play right footed as well.

Is Ashley Cole right footed?

He is left-footed

Is Luis Suarez left or right footed?

he is dominantly right-footed but can shoot with left.

Is Lionel Messi right footed?

no he's left footed.

Is Selena Gomez left footed?

No, she's right footed.

Is Tranquillo Barnetta left footed or right footed?

Right footed although he plays he left wing. He very good with left foot also.

Is gael clichy right footed?

Yes, Gael Clichy is naturally Right Footed Left Back.

What foot is Glen Johnson?

Right he is right footed

Was Alan Shearer left or right footed?


Is Fernando Torres left footed?

He both footed but he is naturally right he can use his left if he has to

What footed is john terry?


Is messi right footed or left footed?

Lionel Messi is more of a left foot player.