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What percent of the world population speaks Spanish?


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According to recent research conducted by, the estimated worldwide Spanish Speaking population is 452,480,979 inhabitants representing 6.78 % of the global population.

If there are 6 billion people in the world and approximately 380 million of them are Spanish speakers, then the percentage of Spanish speakers in the world is 6.3%


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He was the main reason Mexico speaks Spanish.

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over 330 milllion people speak spanish in the whole world.

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based on the 2008 population, there are about 6.8% spanish speakers in the world. Hope this help :)

97% of Mexico's population speaks spanish. That's roughly 100 million people. it's the "de facto" official languaje. around 7 million people speak different indigenous tongues, altough a great percentage is bilingual. Mexico has the biggest spanish-speaking population in the world. If you're trying to find non-spanish speaking populations, I suggest Lacandon Rain Forest in the southwest, some regions in the State of Guerrero or the Chihuahua Desert (yes, the dog breed comes from that region).

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