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Q: What percentage of Alaskan King Crab greenhorns stay in the business?
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How are greenhorns paid on crab boats?

About 4%.

What crab is bigger the Alaskan king crab or the coconut crab?

The Alaskan crab is much larger than the coconut crab. The coconut crab weighs up to 9 lbs. and the Alaskan crab weighs up to 18 pounds.

Is crab dip Alaskan?

NO....... the crab dip is itallian

How big is the Alaskan king crab?

80 in.

Where do Alaskan king crab live?

In Europe.

Do Alaskan crab fisherman have to retrieve a lost pot?

Oh no. Alaskan crab fishermen call it a "loss" when they lose a crab pot. Best to lose a crab pot than risk a life in the cold waters in Alaska.

12 lbs of Alaskan king crab equals how many ounces of crab?


How much can Alaskan king crab weigh?


What is the largest of all the crabs?

Alaskan King Crab

What is the scientific name of Alaskan King Crab?


What is the scientific name of the Alaskan King Crab?


What is Richard Petty's favorite food?

Alaskan King crab.

Where do the Alaskan king crab live?

in water and the ocean and in my stomach

How Much Does The Alaskan King Crab Cost?


Which bait is used for Alaskan King Crab fishing?

herring or codfish

Is the Alaskan king crab's circulatory system open or closed?


What has the author Scott C Matulich written?

Scott C. Matulich has written: 'A recursive age-structured model of Alaskan red king crab' -- subject(s): Alaskan king crab

What is the recipe for Alaskan king crab legs?

Alaskan king crab legs don't have a recipe. All they are is the legs themselves. They are usually served with drawn butter and a tool to crack the outer shells.

Where might one catch Alaskan king crab?

Alaskan king crab can be caught in Auletian Islands, islands in Alaska region. Another places where the crabs can be caught are in Russia and also international waters.

What are some renewable resources in Alaska?

Timber, salmon, Alaskan Pollock, crab,

What type of food is Alaska known for?

The Alaskan King Crab, Salmon, Sardines,

Where can one purchase Alaskan King Crab Legs?

One can purchase Alaskan King Crab Legs from the 'Great Alaska Seafood' website. One can order online for home delivery and they offer an order tracking service.

How long is the season for catching Alaskan king crab?

What food is the state of Alaska known for?

The local seafood is an excellent value. Such as: Alaskan King Crab (also know as Red King Crab), different kinds of Salmon, etc. Alaskan Wild Berry is also famous product there.

How much money does an Alaskan crab fisherman earn?

Depends on the catch and the price paid at the dock.