What percentage of Brazil speaks English?

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In Brazil, they speak Portuguese, I really dont know, but it probably is a low number. Jake says: .125 %
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What percentage of the population of Brazil speak Spanish fluently?

Most people dont speak english. But it makes no sense Brazil was founded by Portugal, and as such has the national language of Portugese. What percentage speak Spanish is a hard thing to research for English speaking people. But there must be a strong percentage since almost every country that bo ( Full Answer )

How do you speak English?

My favorite thing is to go to dictionary.com and write something in your language then it will come up in English! Simple! Or, you can take speech classes. They will teach you about the language and how you speak it. I speak English so I take classes on how to speak spanish. I think it would be be ( Full Answer )

How you can speak English?

English is a language that is spoken worldwide,known as universallanguage. It is considered to be one of the most important languagein the world,in present time. So all have to know and speak inEnglish. For speak fluent English we have to follow Top 10 tips. 1.Accept That English Is a Weird Languag ( Full Answer )

Is Brazil a Spanish-speaking country?

No, the language of Brazil is Portuguese. Brazilians learn Spanish as a second (or third) language. Brazil had a tiny spanish influence. In Brazil, there was a huge influence of Italians, japaneses, Germans and portugueses.

What part of Brazil speaks Spanish?

I don't believe it's spoken there, I'm not 100% sure as I'm not a Brazilian myself, but the main language is portuguese which is similar to spanish so perhaps brazilians understand a bit of spanish as it's another latin language. I hope I helped Pedro from Portugal

What percentage of world's population speak English?

It is estimated that almost 30% of humans can speak English (over two billion). English is the most spoken language on the planet, counting first, second, third, etc. language speakers. It is the official language of over 50 countries and it is a language of business and marketing world wide.

What percentage of Brazilians speaks English?

The percentage of Brazilians who speak English varies , by region. And within each region, the percentage varies by whether the population is located in bigger cities, smaller towns, or out in the countryside. For example, people are more likely to know English, and to know the language better, in ( Full Answer )

What are the percentages of languages spoken in Brazil?

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, and is spoken by more than 99% of the population. Minority languages include indigenous languages, and languages of more recent European and Asian immigrants.

How many Swedes speak English as a percentage?

The vast++ majority of native-born Swedes under age 45/50 speak English. I cannot comment on immigrant Swedes. All of this to say that one will have little problem being understood in English when visiting Sweden.

Percentage of the world population speaks fluent English?

The estimated number of people in the world that speak Englishfluently is about 30 percent of the population. If the world'spopulation is about 7,264,712,400 people. This would mean thatroughly 2,179,413,720 people in the world currently speak Englishfluently.

What percentage of word population speaks englishs spanish and Portuguese?

Portuguese, Spanish, and English are languages number eight, four, and three respectively in number of native speakers. Portugese has 175 native speakers. Spanish has 350-400 million native speakers. English has 500 million native speakers.. So, total, they have 1.025 billion native speakers. Assum ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the world's population can speak English?

About 500,000,000 people speak English as a first language, so that would be around 7% of all humans speak English as a first language. As any other language but first, it is estimated that 2,100,000,000 humans speak English, or about 30%.

What percentage of people speak English in Colombia?

Colombia, or as it is officially called 'Republic of Colombia' is aLatin American country situated in the northwest corner of SouthAmerica. It has an estimated population of about 47,425,437individuals of which about 4.22% speak English either as a secondor eve as a main language in some regions.

What percentage of Russians speak English?

Mostly Russian population speak their native language. However;according to survey 2012, 5.48% of the population speak English.English is also taught in schools as a foreign language.

What percentage of people in Puerto Rico speak English?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau of 2006, 81% of Puerto Ricans over 5 years old that live in the island speak English "less than very well." Basically that means that most people don't speak it very well. However, many young people (under 30) speak it, even if not perfect. Reference: http://f ( Full Answer )

What percentage of Germans speak English?

99% of germans speak english Answer 2 Most Germans have learnt some English in school. I would guess about half of German adults would understand if you spoke simple English, probably about 1/4 of adults could answer back.

How you can speak in English?

Hello guys, To speak in English you have to follow some points.Speaking English fluently isn't the same as knowing perfect Englishgrammar - even native English-speakers make grammar mistakes!Fluency is about being able to communicate. 1. Accept That English Is a Weird Language 2. Dive into the Deep ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the world's population does not speak English at all?

lets say that there are about 7 billion people in the world today, about 1 in 4 speak english, 3 out of 4 do not, so 75%. The figures quoted are for people who speak English as a first or second language gained through some sort of educational system. Unofficially there may be many more

What percentage of Norwegian citizens speak English?

I couldn't find any official statistics. But English has been taught as a mandatory foreign language in Norwegian primary school since the 1960s, so close to 100% of the population below age 60 or so will know at least some English. Before the 1960s, English was taught in secondary school. Accordin ( Full Answer )

What percent speak Spanish in Brazil?

Probably not too many; the language of Brazil is Portuguese, which is very like Spanish, but different enough that a Brazilian could have trouble with it, just as an English speaker could be challenged by someone speaking Frisian.

What percentage of Mexico speaks English?

Less than 1.6% of the Mexican population speaks English on a fluentlevel. This is understandable, considering that only 2.8% of non-Hispanichomes speak Spanish in the United States.

Why do you speak in English?

One day the cave men & cave women stood up tall and out came words instead of whoop whoop.

What is the percentage of people who speak English in Malta?

I don't know an actual percentage, but as my family are Maltese I travel there a lot. A lot of the locals speak English as it is a touristy place. With me there has never been any problems with speaking to people as children learn it from a very early age. The older generation however aren't every ( Full Answer )

What percentage speak English in Chile?

They don't really speak English in Chile but they may speak Spanish. My overall percentage for speaking English in Chile is about 10%.

What percentage of people speak English in Finland?

About 14,666 Finnish speak fluent English (2013 survey results). There are also an unknown amount of Finnish citizens who speak someor broken English, but those figures are not available. English is the most popular language on the planet.

What is the percentage of grassland in brazil?

The Atlantic Forest is one of the most frequently abused biomes of Brazil ... Altogether, the Atlantic Forest once covered 1.3 million km2, or about 15% of Brazilian territory, ... perennial ('ever green' - the plants are constantly overlying leaf

Are there some areas of Brazil with large numbers of English speaking expatriates?

I am an American Ex-Pat living in Brazil for the past 14 years. There are no towns, neighborhoods or regions that I know of where English speakers have gathered over years. However, there are areas where German is a principal language (mostly in the Southern part of the country). If you go to a l ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people speak English in Canada?

Over 90%. Language is controversial in Canada politically, historically and culturally. Many people will claim to speak English to gain entrance, or to gain employment but would not be considered in anyway to be English speaking by most English Canadians. In the past this number was low enough to be ( Full Answer )

How do you have to speak English?

Hello guys, To speak in English you have to follow some points.Speaking English fluently isn't the same as knowing perfect Englishgrammar - even native English-speakers make grammar mistakes!Fluency is about being able to communicate. 1. Accept That English Is a Weird Language 2. Dive into the Deep ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people in Antarctica speak English?

People who live and work temporarily on the Antarctic continent -- at research stations funded by their governments, speak the language of their country. In the interchange of scientific data, English and French are the preferred languages.

What percentage of Chileans speak English?

Less than 2%, I have been living in Chile for the past 5 years and the amount of people that I have encountered can speak English here I can count on my 2 hands. For tourists that wish to visit Chile I would highly recommend taking organized tours because if you do not speak Spanish you will not be ( Full Answer )

What percentage speak no English in the world?

English is the third most popular language in the world, after Mandarin and Spanish. English is spoken by 5.43 percent of the worlds population, so therefore 94.57 percent of the worlds population speak no English.

Why do we speak English?

We speak English because this country was founded by English-speaking people, people who came from England. While it's true that early explorers of America were not English, it was English-speaking people who first formed the government here. "Manuals" on speaking English are widely available. The ( Full Answer )