What percentage of UK population has a computer?

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I would say that since the flop of Vista and the reliability of Mac OS X Leopard then this figure has recently altered, from what it once was, to Apple gaining market share. I would say that since the flop of Vista and the reliability of Mac OS X Leopard then this figure has recently altered, from what it once was, to Apple gaining market share.
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What percentage of the population of Reading Berks. UK is Jewish?

there are hardly any Jewish people in Reading -- may be a couple of hundred at most.. The whole of the UK has only 280,000 Jewish people and most are in London, with Manchester next. Some people think there are millions of Jewish people in the UK. There are only 13 million in the whole world. ..!! ( Full Answer )

What is the percentage of people in the UK who drive?

There has not been a recent study into this that covers the wholeof the UK. However according to the DVLA on 30th September 2014,there were 45.5 million people with valid driving licences in GreatBritain (roughly 70%). Although holding a licence should not beconfused with actually using a car, given ( Full Answer )

What is the Urban percentage for the UK?

According to "Focus on People and Migration," a UK government report: Nearly eight of every ten people in the United Kingdom lived in an urban area in 2001, according to the most recent definition of the term. Urban areas covered 8.9 per cent of the UK's land mass at that time. Nearly 41 per cen ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the population in the UK are gay?

Scientists believe the worlds population to be 4-10% homosexual. With the UK's population from 2008 as: 61,414,062 at 4% their homosexual population should be a minimum of: 2,456,562 people.

What percentage of the UK hold a degree?

For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (UK Census Bureau) indicated below.

What is the computer litracy percentage in India?

6.14 %,... as according to ebiz.com . Thy say that this is an added advantage, since the other 93.86% people do not know have enough computer knowledge, it actually means there 93.86% market to invest in making India a completely literate country in the field of computers. So Indian markets boom in ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the world's population own a computer?

Computer ownership is now at about 4-5% of the worlds population; however, with many social projects putting computers in villages in developing countries between 12-14% of the worlds population have access to a computer. Approx 3-5 % of the world's population have internet access. To put this ( Full Answer )

What is the percentage of Urban population of UK?

80% live in urban areas and 20% in small towns and villages The main cities of the UK Over 5,000 people per sq km London 8.2 million Over 4,000 people per sq km Birmingham 2.2 million Manchester 2.2 million West Yorkshire () 1.5 million Newcastle 0.9 million Liverpool 0.8 million Nottingham 0. ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the UK is urban development?

If you mean 'the percentage of the UK that has been built upon' then the most comprehensive study so far is by the UK National Ecosystem Assessment. They found that urban landscape accounts for: 10.6% of England 1.9% Scotland 3.6% NI 4.1% Wales If you count all the gardens and parks wi ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people are bullied in the UK?

34% We need more than this. Who got this information? how was the information gathered? This is useless information on its own. Please provide this percentage in context.

What is the percentage of internet users in UK?

UK - 62,348,447 population (2010) - Country Area: 244,140 sq kmCapital city: London - population 7,744,942 (2010) 51,442,100Internet users in June/10, 82.5 % p.r., per ITU 27,806,860 Facebookusers on August 31/10, 44.6% penetration rate.

Percentage of land in the UK built on?

According to a recent study (2013) by the NEA (Uk NationalEcosystem Assesment) the proportion of land built on in the UK is1.5% This breaks down to England 2.3%, Scotland 0.4%, Wales 0.9%,Northern Ireland 0.8%

What percentage of plastic is recycled in the UK?

Only about 7% of the total plastic used is recycled. However, it depends on the type of plastic. Some, such as PET drinks bottles, are recycled to a much greater degree (up to 35%) whereas others such as expanded polystyrene cannot be recycled at all.

What percentage of animals are abused in the UK?

I think that around 15% (rounded up from 13.581%) of animals are abused in Britain. However, if it weren't for our animal trusts, such as Dogs Trust and RSPCA, more and more animals with suffer from abandondment, and abuse. If it weren't for these charities, about 20% of animal abuse cases would ris ( Full Answer )

What is the percentage of autism in the UK?

The percentage of Autistic people in the UK is around 1.1%. Howeverthis only considers people who have had a diagnosis, thus does notinclude all Autistic people, we don't know the total.

What is the percentage of gay people in the UK?

The universally accepted percentage of gay people around the world is 10% . This figure was first proposed by Dr Alfred Kinsey and has since been accepted by sociologists and psychologists.

What percentage of the UK is religious?

POPULATION 59,778,002 ANGLICAN (INCLUDING THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND) 39.4 percent ROMAN CATHOLIC 12.5 percent PRESBYTERIAN (INCLUDING THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND) 5.5 percent OTHER CHRISTIAN 8.2 percent MUSLIM 2.7 percent HINDU 1.0 percent SIKH 0.6 percent JEWISH 0.5 percent BUDDHI ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the American population is computer literate?

About 10% Computer literacy is not just learning to use a few specific applications (Word, Excel, Calculator), you basically need to get a feel of the computer, and have some basic knowledge about the processor and such. The reason so many people are computer illiterate is that they see no need fo ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the UK population has a sensory loss?

The vast majority of any country suffers from some form of sensory loss to a greater or lesser extent. Some is manageable with aids such as spectacles or hearing amplifiers. Some are barely noticeable, such as loss or degradation of taste and smell as we age.

What percentage of computers are outside the US?

According to 2011 figures, the US has 321.4 million computers "in-use" out of a worldwide total of 1,657 million units. That equates to 80.6% of computers outside the US.

What percentage of computers run on Unix?

Unix is not very popular with the general public. A more popular version is Linux. Around twenty percent tend to run on this system. Unix has competition also.

What is the percentage of Vodafone coverage in the UK?

Vodafone covers 100% of the UK. That is, their phone services cover all of the UK. When it comes to web surfing and Wi-Fi, there are some variations from area to area. The northern parts of Scotland, and the Isle of Man has less coverage than England. The official Vodafone website has a function whe ( Full Answer )

What percentage of Islam are in UK?

Islam has been present in the United Kingdom since the Articles ofUnion in 1707 (although being Muslim would be illegal until 1812).Islam is the second largest religion in United Kingdom Cencus 2011which is a total of 4.8% of the entire population. And the largestcommunity of Muslims are from Pakist ( Full Answer )

What percentage of UK population have guns?

Very few ! Apart from the police and special protection services,the level of legal gun ownership is less than 1percent of the UK population.

How do you compute percentage of completion?

It is 100*Amount Done/Total Amount Both these amounts must be measured in the same way but could be the number of stages, or number of days, or number of man-hours, etc.

What percentage of the UK population are Protestants?

According to data from the UK's 2001 census - figures claim 62% ofChristians are Anglican, 13.5% Catholic , 6% Presbyterian , 3.4% Methodist and the remaining 15.1% labeled as 'other'.