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i am 12 and i do not want to go to collage and i have been going to homeschool ALL my life an di want to go to public school REALY bad but my mom will not let me because she thinks i am a good person now and she dose not want me to be a bad person (witch i don't think i will be if i go to public school) and i don't know why she think that well i g2g. lata

AnswerThat is the most uninformed commentary imaginable. The vast majority of home-schooled students are far above what the public school produces. My 16 year old is taking advanced chemistry, calculus, and physics. Our entire curriculum is custom designed for each of our children. Our "quick" children are permitted to move at a pace that suits them and are not held back by a one-size-fits-all lesson plan or by 4 hours of garbage time a day. (standing in line, waiting for bells to ring, waiting for papers to be picked up and handed out, lectures about things they already learned) Our "slower" children are never intimidated by cruelty and are permitted to spend as much time as needed to actually learn the material.
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Q: What percentage of homeschooled students go to college?
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