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What percentage of people have pet birds?

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you can get worms from pet birds

No, you do not typically have to get shots for birds.

yes,but other pet birds don't fly far

In the wild? Birds ( little birds, predator birds, owls etc. ) dogs( as pet) , cats( as pet ), guinea pigs ( as pet ), rattelsnakes and more animals but i don't know them

The most popular pet birds would be budgies. They are small and easy to tame.

72,114,000 is the number of how many people have dogs as their pets just in the US

People who work in pet shops or who keep pet birds are the most likely to become infected.

Usually not. Birds that are at aviaries and pet stores have been through inspections to make sure they are healthy.

yes... birds can die of stress

That depends completely on what you're looking for in a pet. Many people keep exotic birds as pets, and consider them to be quite a good pet. It depends on personal preference.

As of 2007, there were approximately 152,600 pet owners in Singapore. It's not know what percentage of the population are pet owners.

usually pet birds cost 100$ or more i bought a white albino cockatiel that was 200$

There is no scientific evidence to prove that using a camera flash when photographic pet birds is harmful.

It really depends on what kind of birds you get.

a majority of the population owns pet rabbits,just like dogs or cats,allot of people that have pet allergy's own them because they don't create much dander like cats or dogs do

=yes, but not for long.=

no,birds do not eat flies. If you are talking about a wildlife bird they eat worms. If you are talking about a pet bird they eat seeds, you can get them at a pet store.

No, only wild birds. if you feed it to pet birds theycould get sick or possibly die.

Many people in Australia sell birds without bands, which they breed in their backyards. It is not illegal, but pet shops will only take banded birds.

From an evolutionary standpoint, the only dinosaurs alive today are birds. So if you have a pet bird you technically have a pet dinosaur.

I know of no one at all that owns pet mice. The percentage would be very, very, small.

While I have no scientific proof as to whether birds think, as an owner of 8 pet birds, it appears to me that they do think. They have a preference for different kinds of foods and different people and they definitely know me different from others. They definitely have reasoning skills so I believe that they think. Birds are more intelligent than many people believe that they are.

people can stop capturing and trading these species!!!

most pet birds are easy if you get a small bird like a parrakeet

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