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We cannot give an accurate number of questions that are asked to answer Homework or Tests, as it can be hard to distinguish between the Homework questions and genuine questions. Asking for Homework help on WikiAnswers is not against any rules.

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Q: What percentage of questions asked on WikiAnswers are questions on homework and tests?
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What Questions Are Inapproipaite for WikiAnswers?

The question you asked is inappropriate for WikiAnswers.

What are the most asked questions on WikiAnswers?

this question

How many questions are asked on WikiAnswers per second?

about 2 questions are asked per second.

What percentage of the questions on WikiAnswers are asked by users without usernames?

Since there is millions of questions and hundreds joining. Users without a Account can take 45% of the community ( this is not accurate )

How many questions are asked on WikiAnswers in total?

There are so many questions on WikiAnswers that it is impossible to total exactly how many questions there are. Even now, questions are being asked, so the total will always keep changing.

Are all questions asked on WikiAnswers from humans?


How long can questions that are asked be?

Questions that are asked never get deleted, unless it is against the rules of WikiAnswers. The question is permanently logged into the WikiAnswers databased, and never goes away.

Why can't WikiAnswers show a complete list of my questions?

If you are a registered user, go to "My contributions" on he blue panel on the left. Then select "Filter by: Questions (asked)". It will then list all the questions you've asked on WikiAnswers.

How many questions have been asked in total on WikiAnswers?


When will all questions have be asked so it is nothing left to ask on WikiAnswers?

when there are no questions left

How do you make asked questions go away on WikiAnswers on a mac?

It doesn't matter what computer you are on when you are on WikiAnswers - you cannot make asked questions go away on WikiAnswers. The question you asked will stay permanently on WikiAnswers, and can only be removed by a Supervisor. If your question is innapropriate, does not have enough info to answer, etc., it will be removed from WikiAnswers. However, if it is a legitimate question, it will not be removed from WikiAnswers. Contact a Supervisor if you wish to have a question removed.

How do you view the questions you've asked on WikiAnswers?

Go to 'My contributions' located in your blue side bar, filter to 'Questions (asked)', and they will be listed.