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20 percent of elementry schools wear uniforms. the other 80% do not

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Q: What percentage of schools have school uniforms?
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Do all students in Japan have uniforms for school?

Yes, wearing uniforms in Japanese schools is standard practice.

What percentage of Maryland schools wear uniforms?

Maryland does not have a school uniform so in that case the percentage would be 0%.

Percent of Schools with uniforms?

what percentage of the united states schools want uniforms

What percentage of people support school uniforms?

20 percent of elementry schools wear uniforms. the other 80% do not

What percentage of people do not like wearing uniforms?

about 24% in the United States wear uniforms

Why are uniforms compulsory at schools?

Uniforms are compulsory at schools in order to identify you if you are in that school.

Do middle school have to wear uniforms?

It depends on the type of school. Mostly public schools do not need uniforms. But in Catholic schools you almost always have to.AND IN MOST christian schools and private schools they about 90% of the time have to wear uniforms

What is a school with uniforms?

Lots of schools now have uniforms whether they are private or public.

How many countries have school uniforms?

Many schools that cant be listed

How many schools in America wear school uniforms?

Most schools in the US do not have a uniform. You will find uniforms at Catholic school. As well as other private schools. Public schools typically don't have a uniform.

Who has to wear school uniforms to private schools?

most christian schools, catholic schools

What percentage of kids like school uniforms?

49% percent of kids like and have school uniforms. newtest3