What percentage of the US population is white male?

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It is approximated that there are around 223,553,265 white people in the United States of America. Approximately 1/2 of these will be male. So around 36% of America is made up of white males.
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What percentage of the US population are farmers?

Between 1-2% Answer There are more people locked up in prisons in the U.S. than there are farmers. Answer The farming population is broken-up into two or more categories. There are farm owners, as well as their children. And there are farm workers. Perhaps quite a number of farm owners made t ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the US population has a college education?

More than half the U.S. population 25 years of age and over in 2000, (52 percent) had completed at least some college education. Just under one quarter (24 percent) had a bachelor's degree or more. Nine percent had an advanced degree (master's degree, professional degree or doctoral degree. The ( Full Answer )

What percentage of US population is illiterate?

Answer . The literacy rate in the US is given as 97% in the World Almanac and Book of Facts 2007. It's not the highest. Japan is listed at 99%, as is the United Kindom.

What percentage of the US population speaks spanish?

11.36% of the United States population speaks Spanish. This is based off of the fact that there are around 34, 547, 077 people who speak Spanish, and that the United States population is around 304, 059, 724.

What percentage of white males died during the US Civil War?

Of the white males who were between the ages of 13 and 43 in 1830,8 percent of them died in the Civil War. Of those 8 percent, thenumber of white males from the South that died was three timeshigher than the number from the North.

What percentage of the entire world's population is white?

Seems to be between 9% and 12%, depending how Hispanics are counted and of course, the Clintonian discourse on what 'white', 'is'. In unadulterated, strick 'European' (not Slav) origin of 4 generations of parentage, the number could be much lower - probably 5%, but impossible to verify. About 18 ( Full Answer )

What percentage of us population were farmers in 1930?

U.S. subsidies help big business, but crush farmers from ... . "The farm bill bankrolls the nation's largest farmers , helping them grow ... In 1930, 25 percent of the U.S. population lived on six million family farms. ... www.finalcall.com/international/ farmers 10-08-2002.htm - 19k - ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the US population is not religious?

According to one of the most highly-regarded studies on religion in the US - the "American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS)" - the percentage of Americans not identifying with a specific religion was 15% as of 2008. Among this 15%, only 0.7% considered themselves "atheist" and 0.9% considered ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the Portuguese population is male?

The percentage of males to the total population of Portugal is just under 50% . And the percentage of females to the total population is just over 50%.. These figures are based on information that is calculated from population estimates of July 2005, and that is posted at the following site: http ( Full Answer )

What is the male population in the US?

According to census.gov, the ACS estimates the total male population of the US is 147,129,583 at 49.2% of the total population..

What percentage of the US population is Mormon?

It is very small...there are only about 6 million members or so in the U.S. There are about 300 million people total in the U.S. That makes for a percentage of roughly 6/300 or 2 percent of the U.S. population.

What percentage of the US population is Morman?

Approximately 2% of Americans are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the 'Mormon' Church). The concentration of Mormons is much higher in the western US than in the east. For example, in Utah, about 60% of the population is Mormon. Arizona is 6% Mormon, Washington state is ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the us population lives in poverty?

Poverty in the United States is cyclical in nature with roughly 13 to 17% living below the federal poverty line at any given point in time, and roughly 40% falling below the poverty line at some point within a 10 year time span. Most Americans (58.5%) will spend at least one year below the poverty ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the US population is wheelchair-bound?

In 1995 according to UCSF - DSC the NHIS-D data put the non-institutional bound population that was wheelchair-bound at 1.6 million. At that time according to NPG.org the US population was 262,764,948. That comes to roughly 0.6 %.

What percentage of the population uses Twitter?

According to wikipedia, Twitter has 300 million users and there are 7 billion people on earth.Therefore, about 4.3 % people have twitter. You can see the link below for more.

What percentage of the worlds population has a White Christmas?

Of those who celebrate it, the vast majority have a high potential of it, since the vast majority of the world's population is in the Northern Hemisphere where it is winter in December. In spite of us mostly being northwards, I think that not many actually experience many White Christmases in our l ( Full Answer )

What percentage of females and males in the US have chlamydia?

Since chlamydia is treatable and curable data would only be averages at a given time or group. However chlamydia is very very common. In 2011, the CDC reports that reported chlamydia cases in females were 648.9 per 100,000 population, and in men were 256.9 cases per 100,000. The CDC believes that th ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the US population believe in God?

The American Religious Identification Survey was carried out during February-November 2008 and collected answers from 54,461 respondents who were questioned in English or Spanish. One of the findings of the survey was that 76% of American adults identified as Christians in 2008, compared to 86% i ( Full Answer )

Percentage of male population over 6 foot?

65 percent are 5,8 and above. 15 percent are shorter than 5,7. 20 percent are At 6 foot or taller. Only a mere 2 percent of the population is over 6,5.

What percentage of the population of the US is on disability?

According to the latest survey (2011) conducted by Wiener & Wiener Statistical Conglomerate Group based in Crawford, TX., a staggering 97% of the US population has some sort of disability. Most cited disabilities were mental, obesity, and language. Physical disabilities cited most were backaches, ne ( Full Answer )