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97% of the earth does not have a backbone and 3% of the earth does have a backbone so more things are invertabrates.

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What percentage of creatures on Earth do not have a backbone?

About 95% of all animal species on Earth do not possess a backbone.

What percentage of creatures have a backbone?

97%of animals are invertebrates.And they don't have backbone.Invertebrate are those whoo don't have backbone.LIKE SPIDERS OR YOU CAN SAY INSECTS.

What percentage of creatures on earth don't have a backbone?

Insects alone make up well over half of all species in the world. I'd say about 60-90% don't have a backbone. Hard to answer, really, because we've only discovered about 10% of all species on the planet. Chuis

Do a earth warm has a backbone?

An earthworm does not have a backbone.

Do slugs have a backbone?

Slugs do not have a backbone. Other creatures without a backbone include insects, snails, clams, spiders, and sea urchins, to name a few.

Features of invertebrates?

Invertebrates are creatures with no backbone. Instead they might have an exoskeleton.

What are mollusk found?

mollusk are creatures without a backbone invertebrates animals

Name 5 animals with a backbone and 5 without a backbone in Singapore?

Insects are the only creatures without backbones. The rest of the other animals in other animal classification all have a backbone.

Does a tadpole have a backbone?

Tadpoles are small and tiny creatures who grow up to become frogs. Their body has a rib cage support and therefore, they do have a backbone.

Do spiders and ticks have a backbone?

No. They are invertebrates (no-backbone creatures) and they have an exoskeleton, which is an outer shell that is rigid enough to hold all the inner parts in their proper places. They have no bones.

What is the noun--These animals are the largest creatures on earth.?

There are three nouns in this sentence. They are: animals, creatures, and earth.

Is a sea horse a vertebrate?

Yes a sea horse is a vertebrate. It has a backbone. They are the shyest sea creatures alive.

What is a animal without a backbone and has a soft body?

Octopi, squids, slugs, and many other sea creatures.

Does a earth worm have a flexible backbone?

Earthworms are invertebrates so they don't have a backbone, or any other bones for that matter.

How much percentage is the earth is it 100?

Only if you are referring to earth as a percentage of earth, then earth is 100% of earth

Do all animals on earth have a backbone?

No they don't. e.g. invertebrates

Is there a creature on Venus?

So far, no creatures have been confirmed on any planet, other than Earth.So far, no creatures have been confirmed on any planet, other than Earth.So far, no creatures have been confirmed on any planet, other than Earth.So far, no creatures have been confirmed on any planet, other than Earth.

In the Bible who was before Adam?

The creatures of the Earth.

What are some of the characteristics of invertebrates?

Invertebrates do not have a backbone, which is a spine. Creatures like insects, worms, snails, squid, and octopus are invertebrates.

What percent of earths creatures have six legs?

over 90% of earth creatures have six legs

How many dragons are there on Earth?

Dragons are mythical creatures so there are none on Earth.

What are the different kinds of invertebrateswhat pls. tell m da ans.?

Invertebrates are creatures that have no backbone. Creatures such as slugs, jellyfish, spiders, worms and most bugs and insects are the type of creatures that can survive without a spine. I am uncertain if there are some other types of sea creatures that are spineless, but most fish have bones.

Are penguins sea creatures?

penguins are not sea creatures because they just find food in the sea and they live on earth so no there not sea creatures

The oceans contain what percentage of the water on earth?

I think the percentage of the water on earth is 97%.

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