What percentage of the movies contain violence?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What percentage of the movies contain violence?
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What is Underworld rated?

All four of the Underworld movies are rated R. They contain graphic violence, some language, and 2&3 contain sex/nudity.

What is the difference between violence and romance movies?

The difference is very clear from the question itself. Violence movies are action movies including violence actions. romance movies are movies including romantic stories and love actions.

Why are Freddy Krueger movies rated r?

they are rated r becuase they contain gore violence and strong language and some of them have nudity

Why has violence increased in horror films?

Horror movies have always been violent. But through the years what people are able to show in movies, the amount of gore and violence is increasing.

Who thinks violence in movies is bad?

Not at all, sometimes the violence is needed to better express the story or scene.

Is there any movies that contain black people?

most movies do

What dose rated G mean?

Rated G means that the movie is for general audiences. Movies that are rated G are usually appropriate for all ages. Sometimes they may contain mild violence.

What is your opinion about violence in movies and TV?

i think its bad thing

What percentage of violence is accredited to video games?


How many films contain the letter a?

TONS of movies contain the letter 'a'.

What are media ethics?

they are portray bad things in movies, like violence

What percentage of domestic violence incidents are drug related?