What percussion instrument do Latin musical groups use?

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Samba percussion instrumentsI'm not an expert but played percussion in a percussion ensemble (in the UK) for a couple years and we did a couple of sambas (which are v Latin American - i think samba originated in Brazil).

The instruments we used included tambourine (like a tambourine but without the jingles and played with a special stick in quite a skilled way), shakers, snares, cowbells, surdos (massive drums you can hang round your neck on big straps played with big mallets usually), oh and a ?sp repinique or something like that... I THINK that was a drum i played but can't remember exactly what... there was also this really strange instrument you played with a cloth and it made a weird squeaky sound but i can't remember what it was called.... and probably loads else besides, they literally have a TON of stuff but i just can't remember it all!
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What instruments are used in Latin Pop?

Answer . Most Latin pop music is heavily influenced by American pop and, therefore, uses many of the same instrument. The voice is typically most prominent, but other instruments include guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. The keyboard will sometimes play sampled instruments such as strings or h ( Full Answer )

What songs use hand percussion instruments?

Answer . Any song that requires a little more of a rhythm section. Tambourine always adds a special pop to a pop or rock song. Maracas also add a smooth rhythm to ballads.

Five groups of musical instruments?

The five major groups of musical instruments are brass, woodwinds,percussion, strings, and keyboards. They are classified in thedifferent ways they are used and sounds they make.

What are the percussion instruments?

Percussion Instruments . Bass drum, snare drum, xylophone, piano, crash cymbals, suspended cymbal, tambourine, wood block, metallophone...etc. Anything you "hit" is a percussion instrument. . The Purcussion Instruments listed: . Drums . Xylophone . Marimba . Handbells . Piano . Cymbal A p ( Full Answer )

What instruments are used in Latin American music?

The main instruments used in Latin American Music are maracas, whistles, panpipes, trumpets, some use of guitars, perhaps violin and harps have all been incorporated into their music.

5 general groups of musical instruments?

The 5 general groups of musical instruments are woodwind, brass,strings, percussion, and most recently the group of electronicinstruments has been included. Woodwinds are blown through, stringsrequire a bow, and percussion instruments are struck with eitherhands or a mallet.

A percussion instrument used in reggae?

In reggae music, a standard drum kit is the most commonly usedpercussion instrument. Sometimes though, a bongo drum may be used.

How are musical instruments grouped?

woodwind(anything with a reed and including a flute) Brass(trumpets cornets french horn ETC,.) Percussion (drums bells chimes ETC,.)

How do you use percussion instruments?

Depends on the instrument, be more specific next time. . In general it requires using a stick or some form of a stick and hitting various instruments (there are exceptions like cymbals, piano, etc.)

What instruments are used in a percussion orchestra?

You have all sorts of drums and cymbals that contribute rhythmically. There are also melodic percussion instruments like the xylophone, marimba, steel drum, chimes and glockenspiel. I do not believe there is a "standard percussion orchestra", so the sky is the limit. You could also include vocalizat ( Full Answer )

What instrument is not a percussion instrument?

A percussion instrument is struck, so any instrument that is NOT struck is NOT a percussion instrument, for example, Strings: violin, cello, double bass. Brass: trumpet, cornet, trombone Woodwind: oboe, piccolo, saxophone

What makes an instrument a percussion instrument?

Percuss is a medical term, to strike. When the doctor percusses your chest, she is striking it. So a percussion instrument is struck, mainly. There are others that you can shake, rattle or stroke, but they are usually struck.

What are percussion instrument?

Percussion instruments are instruments that are hit when they are played. Some percussion instruments include: the drum (including drum kits and bass drums), tuned percussion such as the glockenspiel or xylophone, and untuned percussion such as the triangle, the tambourine or cymbals. Th ( Full Answer )

What are in the 5 musical instrument groups?

Chordophones, Aerophones, Membranophones, Idiophones, Electrophones. . Details: . The common way to group musical instruments is by Western orchestra that includes: strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion. But this method does not include numerous non-orchestral instruments.. The five cate ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by percussion and non- percussion instrument?

A percussion instrument is an instrument that requires the player to hit it rather then say blow into it for example. An example of a percussion instrument would be a drum or a xylophone or the cymbals or a gong. An example of a non percussion instrument would be a trumpet or a violin or a trombone ( Full Answer )

Is a percussion a musical instRument?

no, a percussion refers to a section of instruments. for example, there are woodwinds, which you use your breath to makes sounds with. woodwinds normally have a softer, sweet(er) sound to them. then there is brass, which the instruments are made of similar pliable metals (for metal that is, not l ( Full Answer )

Which percussion instrument is not classified a percussion instrument?

There are many instruments which can be played in a percussive manner but are not classified as a percussion instrument. Just because an instrument is not classified as a percussion instrument does not mean it can not be played in a percussive manner. The banjo for example is an instrument that coul ( Full Answer )

The basic groups of musical instruments are?

Woodwind Examples:Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon Brass Examples:Trumpet, French Horn, Tuba String Examples:Violin,Viola,Cello Keyboard Examples:Piano, Organ Percussion Examples:Triangle, Tom-Tom, Bass Drum

Can you name all of the musical instruments in the percussion group?

No, I can't. And most likely neither can anybody else, there are thousands of fiddly little variations on the theme of "something gets hit by something else." If you just want some of the major categories... drums, bells/chimes, and pianos. Snare drum, bass drum, xylophone, wood bricks, and Ti ( Full Answer )

What are percussion instruments basically used for?

It depends, this question is very vast. Instruments like cymbals and auxiliary percussion instruments are used for the soul purpose of adding color. While percussion instruments like snare drums, tenor drums, bass drums, and other actual drums not only add color, but help the band as a whole stay in ( Full Answer )

What are the two types of percussion instruments used in Western music?

Do you mean Country and Western, or generally Western hemisphere music? The latter uses all sorts of drums, cymbals, wood blocks. There are many types of drums; snare drums, bass drums, congas, bongos, and kettle drums. Mallet instruments such as vibraphones, xylophones, and marimbas are also percus ( Full Answer )

What is a music group called that only uses their voices and no instruments?

These are Choral Groups, school or church choirs perform this type of music, usually with at least a piano or guitar accompaniment. When there is no accompaniment played, this style is called "a cappella," Italian for "In the manner of the church/chapel." This style of singing has recently gotten ( Full Answer )

What was that percussion instrument used in Dave Dee's Zabadak?

blah blah blah It's nickname is a 'donkey call', made from a horse's jaw-bone. The loose teeth provided the rattle sound. A bit grim, I know, but that's how they were made. Now they are made from wood with sleigh bells. It does have a fancy name but I can't be arsed to find it.

Can brass instrument be a percussion instrument?

No, they are two different families of musical instruments. Brass instrument produce sound by the vibration of air though a mouthpiece created by the vibration of the player's lips. A percussion instrument produces sound by being struck, scraped, or rubbed by the player's hand or against another ins ( Full Answer )

What instruments would be used to play Latin American music?

Common instruments used in Latin American music are the guitar (usually acoustic or classical), double bass, piano, horn section (more commonly trumpets and/or trombones), and percussion (such as maracos, congas, or bongos).

What musical instruments are fit for percussion?

There are two main classifications of percussion instruments. Idiophones include things such as cymbols and maracas. Membranophones include common instruments such as drums.

What percussion instrument are there?

There are a lot of percussion instruments. Percussion instrumentscan be classified into 2 smaller groups. Membranophones andIdiophones. Membranophones are Instruments that create soundthrough the vibration of an animal skin ,a drum head or anystretched membrane. Some examples are: Timpani/Tympani,Ba ( Full Answer )

What is a group of ten percussion instruments called?

The answer to this question is slightly different if it is aimed at naming the group or naming music for the group. In general, chamber groups of instruments have a term indicating the number of players, starting with solo (one instrument), duet (two), trio (three). From four instruments up, the e ( Full Answer )

Which percussion instrument uses a pedal?

There are a number of percussion instruments that uses a pedal.Here are a few of them: . Bass Drum, A bass drum in a drum set is usually operated by abass drum pedal. This hits the pedal through a Bass Drum beaterwhen it is pushed down by the foot . Timpani or Kettledrums, Timpani pedals causes ( Full Answer )

What fruit is used as a percussion instrument?

The long bean pods of the pacay ( Inga feullei ) orice-cream-bean tree, can be dried into a rattle, used like maracas. Gourds and coconuts are also the basis for some native drums.