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What period did insects thrive?

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Insects thrived in the late Paleozoic Era.

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Almost everywhere, but the majority live in rainforests

Insects adapt to the rain forest by developing tolerances to the moisture, heat, and harsh conditions. This allows them to thrive despite adversity.

It did not thrive in India because, Hinduism was so fundamentally a part of Indian life before that period.

Pennsylvanian R.E

Spring and summer are the months that most insects lay their eggs. Most insects do not thrive during winter months so all of their mating and egg laying happens in the warmer months.

Insects thrived during the Permian period. The Permian period lasted from 299 to 251 million years ago and it was between the Paleozoic and the Mesozoic periods.

The firsts insects appeared in the Silurian period( in the paleozoic era)

Silurian Period 408 - 438 Million Years Ago

They both grom metabollically. They also both thrive off of the plants around them. There are probably more commonities but these were all that I know of.

they are successful because transportation(flying ect), water loss prevention(waxy exoskeleton), and protection (exoskeleton).

That was the beginning of the Devonian peroid and the end of the Silurian period. It was that period when the first insects came to Earth.

The first insects appeared in the Devonian, over three hundred fifty million years ago.

A cold cloudy climate limits the population of insects and venus's fly trap being insectivorous plant thus will not grow properly in the absence of insects.

No, there were mice, beavers and insects during that time period.

The Amazons have many tropical animals, including parrots, monkeys, snakes, large insects, and frogs. They all thrive well in the hot climate of the area.

They thrive in Jack Pine

Mammals, flowering plants and insects! Humans appear late in the period (this is where we begin to come into the world).

The Paleozoic Era began. Development of fish amphibians, insects and reptiles. Cambrian Period Ordovician period Silurian Period. Devonian Period Mississippian Period Pennsylvanian Period Permian Period

He was nurtured so he was able to thrive.

thrive can rhyme with drive or strive

The dominant organism that lived in the Mississippian period were giant insects and reptiles and killer bees

Flourish and prosper are other words for thrive. Using thrive in a sentence for example would be, 'We all prayed that she would thrive after being born early.'

Not on its own. Trench fever is caused by lice, and lice (which are tiny blood-sucking insects) thrive in the unsanitary conditions of trenches. So it doesn't pass from person to person like a cold or a flu; it passes by the insects biting them.

During the devonian period (435-410 million years ago) of the Paleozoic era , the fist plants and insects appeared on Earth.

It is very simple to explain this concept. The more there is for a species to feed on, the more the species will thrive and multiply.

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