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Q: What pharmaceutical companies make oxycodone 5-325?
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What is the difference between percocet 5325 and oxycodone-apap 5325?

one is percocet; the other is the generic of percocet 5mg/325mg acetaminophen. they have the same chemical make up of oxycodone(5mg) and tylenol/acetaminaphen (325mg). APAP is an abbreviation for acetaminophen

What does Mall and Qua mean at the end of 30 mg of oxycodone?

Mall is Mallinckrodt and Qual is Qualitest. Two pharmaceutical manufacturing companies that make the oxycodone. Its just the name of the company that made that batch of oxys you have.

How do pharmaceutical companies make money?

When pharmaceutical companies develop a new drug that markets well, they make money from selling said drug.

Who makes antibiotics?

Pharmaceutical companies make them.

How much do ceo's of pharmaceutical companies make?


How to make Xanax?

You cannot make xanax own your own, only pharmaceutical companies can do that.

What are the negative effects of national health care?

Pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies will not make as much money!

How much money did the pharmaceutical companies make last year?

I heard somewhere around 600billion a year

Who make medications?

Medications are made by the pharmaceutical companies. They follow the formula invented by the scientist and make the drugs to meet the needs of the patients.

How do you make Percocet?

With a chemical laboratory. Percocet is impossible to make unless you are an employee of the company which makes it. Oxycodone the active ingredient in percocet, is synthesized and should be relatively impossible to successfully synthesize without sufficient pharmaceutical and chemical knowledge and equipment.

When pharmaceutical companies use recombinant bacteria to make insulin what do they insert the insulin gene into?

they add the insulin gene into a plasmid which will then be inserted into a bacteria.

What pharmaceutical company manufactures the medication buprenorphine?

Reckktt benckiser is the make of the brand name Suboxone and Subutex. I know of 2 other companies that make buprenorphine and buprenorphine with naloxone...those companies are Teva and Roxanne pharmaceuticals. I do not know if there are other generic makers.

What is oxycodone made from?

There are different ways to make oxycodone but mostly it is made from thebaine. Thebaine is an alkaloid found in the opium poppy. While not a narcotic in itself, it is often used to make semi-synthetic opioids such as oxycodone.

How does Oxycodone make you feel?

warm and fuzzy

How long would it take a cure for cancer to get FDA approved?

Pharmaceutical companies make far too much money, and contribute massive amounts to governments world wide, which ensures that no "cure" for anything will see the light of day. I once heard a prominent CEO of a pharmaceutical manufacturer tell a group of young entrepreneurs that there is is no profit in cure. The profit is in providing a medication that does something, but not everything it is supposed to do. Having said that, any foreign substance we ingest, be it medication or whatever, is going to have some sort of unwanted effect. Then the pharmaceutical companies make a pill or potion to alleviate that, which then produces another wave of side effects, and so more drugs must be developed to counteract these....and so it goes on and on. Every pharmaceutical has unwanted side effects. Most are poisons or dangerous if taken in larger doses. This too is an opportunity for the pharmaceutical companies to manufacture another drug to counteract the effects of the drugs you have taken to offset the effects of the drug they provided to "cure" the original ailment. A never ending cycle.

Is oxycodone stronger than oxycodone acetaminophen?

Oxycodone vs oxycodone with acetaminophine are essentially the same thing. The narcotic in both medications is the oxycodone, the only difference between the two is the addition of Tylenol (aka acetaminophen). The addition of Tylenol does not necessarily make the combo drug more powerful than the straight oxycodone, but is an adjunctive therapy so to speak. The Tylenol can enhance the pain relief of the oxycodone by working with the oxycodone at pain receptors. So to answer the question, no - oxycodone is not stronger than oxycodone acetaminophen combo.

Do they make a oxycodone 20.325mg pill?

No they do not

Does oxycodone say Watson on them?

yes, Watson does make generic percocets(oxycodone) but they also make other medicines to. Just type in Watson and the number on it into Google and it will tell you.

When On a urine test for opiates oxycodone and marijauana is ther any possibility vicoden would make a positive test for oxycodone?

Yes, oxycodone and vicodin both are opiates. They would show up as such..

What will make you test positive for oxycodone?

I have taken 30mg of oxycodone once two or three days before my drug screen. Will the test be positive, as my boyfriend has a prescription. I have prescriptions for xanax and ritalin, but not for the oxycodone.

How much does a pharmaceutical supervisor at a hospital make?


Where do us drug pharmaceutical companies get opium?

Most USA drug manufacturers obtain their raw opium, used in a myriad of ways, to make a multitude of different analgesics, from Turkey. The drug companies have buyers which also have cards with DEA and FDA numbers that allow them to legally buy opium from specific growers and sellers.

Do all Metamucils help lover cholesterol?

to lower cholesterol? Less cholesterol in your diet will lower cholesterol... plus.... i guess.... cholesterol medicines, like Statins.... which pharmaceutical companies make most of their money from.

How much do medicine makers make?

There is too wide a range of jobs involved to even give a hint of an idea. Some people working for pharmaceutical companies make minimum wage; research scientists typically make 70-100k a year or even more; executives are often well into seven figures.

How do you make the effect of oxycodone stronger and last longer?